5 things to consider before sending a letter to deny candidates or “jump” jobs

Are candidates really talented people?

When hiring, you need to determine: Need an employee who creates high efficiency for your business or needs a loyal person?

The risk of hiring candidates who frequently “jump” is that you may lose time because of hiring multiple times. However, calmly assess whether they have the characteristics your company needs or not. According to the Head of Recruitment Consulting Department CareerLink If they are the only candidate who possesses the elements that your company is aiming for, consider carefully before making a decision to decline.

Candidates “jump” to adapt to the job faster

This is really something to consider before eliminating job candidates. Those who have had the “walk around” many companies before placing CV on your interview table will certainly be ready to integrate into a new environment.

They have done that many times, so they are not afraid to enter a new situation and find out how the company works the fastest way. Adaptation quickly is a necessary condition for all of us to face specific job requirements.

On the other hand, the “jump” job candidates have worked for many managers. They have learned to adapt to different management styles and will quickly understand and grasp the core information from managers, this is exactly the skill that every organization needs.

Candidates “jump” to have a very good relationship network

Candidates often “jump” to have a larger relationship network than those who work in one place for many years. That is important to them and is a boon to your business.

Extensive relationships help them at work and are a cheap source of recruitment for your business when needed. Don’t underestimate these relationships, they not only make recruiting easier, but also help your business connect with different communities. That is one of the reasons not hurry send a letter to decline candidates or “jump” jobs.

5 things to consider before sending a letter to deny candidates or jump jobs | Live

Candidates “jump” to have more experience

They have learned so much in every organization that they spend their time, more or less. We always learn the most when we are in a new environment. People who often “dive” have learned to detect signs of success or failure for an initiative, process, or plan. They have “conquered” through many successful and unsuccessful projects to prove their experience.

Plus, thanks to the old experience, job candidates will “jump” to give you great new ideas. What long-time workers follow in the footsteps is unlikely.

Job-jumping candidates can also be loyal if you have a good environment

People quit their jobs for a variety of reasons. They may be bored, want to get promoted, want to earn a bigger salary or are looking for a better environmental change. Every job candidate is not the same, and you – the employer should not impose any prejudice on your candidate.

As an employer, you need to consider before eliminating job candidates to consider why they often “jump” jobs, and whether you have what it takes to keep a good candidate. Moving from job to job is not easy for a candidate, but it often makes them a valuable person to hire.

A candidate often “jumps” for work that could cost you time and money in the future if you end up hiring others. But consider carefully before sending a letter to reject candidates because they may be the best candidates for the position you are looking for.

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