5 things gamers usually do when they lose a match

No matter how high a level is, any gamer has experienced bitter defeats when he is completely overwhelmed by the opponent without any resistance, the difference is in the reaction of each. what was the previous failure Each has a personality, some people are angry and angry, some people calmly put their hatred on the next game. Let’s find out how those expressions look and whether you will converge some parts in them?

Exit the game or quit that game to play another game

Losing without knowing what to do to relieve it, or knowing that even if I continue, I will still be a loser so most gamers will exit the game to rest, the next day. This is considered the most optimistic and welcome expression when playing the game because players can control their own reason and actions to have a fun game experience. However, there are still people who consider it as an insult, no more face to appear in the “Gypsy” anymore, so they are ready to quit that game and switch to other games.

Give enough reasons to blame

5 things gamers usually do when they lose a match | PC/Console

When playing a certain game, the majority of gamers give dozens of reasons to justify their loss. Simply saying this game is corny, not quality, not suitable for me. Higher is because the enemy uses hack / cheat so you can’t do anything other than take the battle. But if the opponent is really talented and you still think that it is hacking, this judgment will only be an excuse. The reason most used by gamers and most popular when losing the game is “My device is lagging, can’t connect”, or “Where I just lost my life”.

Persistent, cursing, easy to cause loss when losing

5 things gamers usually do when they lose a match | PC/Console

This problem is the most common thing in any game that gamers play, it’s easy to throw out nasty, vulgar words every time you lose. Profanity, swearing seems to have become a “cultural” not so beautiful in the gaming community. Many people to relax in the game did not regret words, using the heaviest words to scorn their opponents. That is just one aspect. The spam or chats on chat channels to satisfy the frustration of being the loser also appear countless times.

In addition, if not looking for someone to vent anger in the game, the player will immediately look outside. At this time, family members or friends are in sight, fierce controversy is very easy to happen. Such swearing occurs often and causes a negative impact in the gaming community and increasingly badly prejudiced society about gaming components.

Use words and smiles to hide your true feelings

5 things gamers usually do when they lose a match | PC/Console

Gamers like these actually proved more dangerous than the expressions above. Firstly, these people are the type of people that are difficult to predict, difficult to grasp thoughts because they always use eyes, smiles or even words through the speaker to finish their story to explain their defeat. However, hidden behind those actions is repression and when “the worms will wriggle” the worst thing they can do is difficult to predict. They seem to be optimistic on the outside, but inside they might be cursing and cursing their opponents, their carriers, even their teammates …

Smash anything possible

5 things gamers usually do when they lose a match | PC/Console

Whenever they lose the battle, they sulk and get angry and the results can be seen as broken keyboard, broken mouse, broken controller. Breaking things or anything around you at that time was considered by most gamers to cool down the easiest. If I only damage things that belong to me, it might not have to be discussed much, but if I spoil other people’s belongings as well, it will be another matter.

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