5 super manga that must spend their youth waiting … to come out a new chapter

In addition to names like One Piece, Black Clover, Dragon Ball Super, … are always released on schedule, but manga Below that makes fans wait long and hard every time a new chapter is released.

first. D.Gray-man

D.Gray-man is a manga written by female author Hoshino Katsura. The work was first released in 2004 in Weekly Shonen Jump and then transferred to other Shueisha magazines because the author was not fit to maintain the release schedule.

With a dark fantasy content that combines many Christian elements, D.Gray-man is a manga that attracts both male and female readers. Photo section of D.Gray-man also extremely impressive and satisfied viewers.

However, due to the aforementioned health problems, Hoshino was unable to compose D.Gray-man regularly. Present, D.Gray-man being released with 3-4 chapters / year makes fans extremely impatient.

2. Berserk

5 super manga that must spend their youth waiting to come out a new chapter | Manga/Film

Composed by mangaka Kentaro Miura, Berserk used to be considered one of the extremely attractive and popular action comics in Japan as well as many other countries around the world.

The story tells about Gatts, also known as Black Swordsman, a warrior who always carries a great sword in his quest to find and revenge on Griffith, the former leader who sold his army to the devil. The content of the story is tightly guillotined with beautiful and authentic drawing of the author, which has created its own charm for this work.

Although it has been 30 years since its first release, Berserk has only 362 chapters, an average of 10 chapters per year. In recent years, the series has been released more slowly. The highest point was in 2013, Berserk pointed out exactly 1 chapter, then disappeared for nearly a year and a half before continuing to release.

In fact, this is understandable for artist Kentaro Miura, because once, Mr. Miura said he had health problems, especially in the back and wrists – parts that are prone to Most traumatic when the artists have to sit a lot and draw continuously for tens of hours.

3. Terra Formars

5 super manga that must spend their youth waiting to come out a new chapter | Manga/Film

Composed by the couple Sasuga Yu and Tachibana Kenichi, Terra Formars was the name that mentioned a lot shortly after its release in 2011. By turning cockroaches into tall, black, and cumbersome “gymer” Combining the power of animals into the human body, Terra Formars is both attractive and interesting, making it difficult for anyone to read into it.

With enough content to appeal to any audience, Terra Formars has been adapted into an anime, live-action and has many different spin-offs. Success has been but Terra Formars has been suspended indefinitely many times since 2017. The reason given is that Sasuga Yu’s health condition does not allow him to work as before.

4. One Punch Man

5 super manga that must spend their youth waiting to come out a new chapter | Manga/Film

Composed by Yusuke Murata based on the original ONE, One Punch Man is one of the most popular manga today. The novelty of the content with the bald protagonist “punches to death” Saitama turns One Punch Man into a completely separate entertainment work from other manga.

As a different manga, One Punch Man also has a very different release schedule. The story does not have a fixed time but regularly launches new chapters according to… inspiration.

Sometimes, author Yusuke Murata will not continue to compose but return to draw more content for old chapters. If the new chapter hasn’t been too long, Yusuke is ready to spoil the next development with a few pages of the story, then slowly add more until there are enough chapters.

It can be seen that in order to wait for a new chapter of One Punch Man, the fans were also filmed like a pinwheel.

5. Hunter X Hunter

5 super manga that must spend their youth waiting to come out a new chapter | Manga/Film

Hunter X Hunter is considered the leading name in the Japanese manga market. The name and quality of Hunter X Hunter is considered to be not inferior to other top manga titles like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach …

Although it has been released for a long time and is listed as the manga released at the same time as One Piece, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter’s length is much shorter than these competitors. The reason given that most of the fans understand, it is because the author Togashi Yoshihiro repeatedly had to stop composing for the reason “” healthy “. Actually, Hunter X Hunter was absent. months, even years, many readers give up following this story.

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