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5 strange secrets of One For All, the strongest character in Boku no Hero Academia (P.1)

Boku no Hero Academia, also known as Hero Academia, is a series that not only has many fans from manga to anime, but also topped the shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump chart. With the superhero theme, Hero Academy is a prominent name from east to west. The content of the school is simple, friendly to readers, but there are still mysteries surrounding the quirk One For All – one of the most powerful quirk of the series.

AFO from many generations ago gave his brother a Quirk to help him store strength. AFO did not know, his younger brother already had the ability to transfer power. These two capabilities unite into OFA, a Quirk that can be passed from person to person. While AFO uses his stealing ability and allows Quirks to destroy society, OFA’s younger brother has a strong sense of justice and wants to end his brother’s tyranny.

In the end, he decided to pass on this Quirk to someone who could fulfill the original user’s commitment. It is to beat OFA once and for all. It’s an intriguing ability we see All Might use, the eighth heir, and Izuku, the ninth and present. OFA has many secrets with us through its long history.

OFA is not always a strong Quirk

5 strange secrets of One For All the strongest character in Boku no Hero Academia P 1 | Khám phá

Seeing the way All Might and Izuku used it, it was hard to imagine OFA as anything but super power. But at the time of its creation, OFA was actually a rather weak Quirk, forcing the younger brother to entrust it to future generations. With each new heir, OFA accumulates more and more power and looks more and more a threat.

However, in this process, OFA is often used in conjunction with another Quirk. For example, Daigoro Banjo, the fifth heir, was born with Blackwhip. Nana Shimura, the seventh heir, owns Float. All Might and Izuku were the only successors who had no Quirk at the time of OFA’s succession. It is unknown how the previous heirs used a weaker version of OFA and built it to become what it is.

5 strange secrets of One For All the strongest character in Boku no Hero Academia P 1 | Khám phá

Prior to acquiring his Quirk, Izuku underwent months of intense training to physically prepare for OFA’s strength. If not, the new power will completely destroy my body. However, even after all those training, when Izuku received OFA, it was still barely compatible with her body. Along with that, Deku also broke his bones every time he used it. While training his body, Izuku must also learn how to gradually increase his Quirk percentage.

This is a new story for my mentor, All Might. He says he has never had this problem and is able to use OFA at 100% when he receives it. So how is All Might’s body able to naturally maintain this tremendous power? Although the reason is unknown, we can hypothesize that All Might single-handedly made OFA with such a great amount of power and it had become overwhelming, before passing it on to Izuku. While it is unknown how the previous successors used this Quirk, it is hard to be sure of the story of how All Might was able to retain such great power.

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