5 “soulful” facts about cartoon blockbuster at the top of the world box office

Not only in Vietnam, Dreamworks cartoon blockbuster also occupies the throne in many global box office. The adventures of the prehistoric family filled with vivid colors and bustling laughter are expected to continue to conquer many audiences during the year-end holidays.

Let’s take a look at 5 facts that you probably won’t know about the hottest animated works in theaters!

1. The film has the highest opening revenue since the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2020, the US theater system will witness a gloomy “hibernation”, unprecedented due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. Croods Family: New Era is a rare film that has gained attention and attracted audiences to theaters since the outbreak of the pandemic. In its first weekend in more than 2,000 theaters, the film grossed $ 9.7 million in the US. Croods Family: New Era officially set the film record with the highest opening revenue since the pandemic, usurped the position of blockbuster action Tenet established last September.

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2. The film conveys a message of contemporary union

Set in prehistoric times, the Croods family captured the love of a large audience thanks to a sense of intimacy skillfully conveyed by filmmakers. The family values ​​in the movie are shown in a humorous, easily empathetic way that any family can see themselves in it. Not only that, the film also subtly reflects the problem of the whole humanity today. Margie Cohn, president of DreamWorks Animation, said the challenges facing the Crood family in their world are similar to those facing humanity right now, especially at the present time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded all of us of the importance of families and the power of cohesion in the midst of a volatile world. “All families have to change as they are faced with new challenges and children change as they mature. The Message of Solidarity is an extremely important force, especially in the context of today’s world“, commented Ms. Cohn.

3. The 100th film in the career Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the actors to return with season 2 of the Croods Family after 7 years since the beginning. The Oscar winner plays Grug, a fastidious father who tends to overly protect his family but is also extremely emotional. Croods Family: New Era marks the 100th film of the 56-year-old actor’s acting career. This is also the first animated film Nicolas Cage accepted to return to voice for the sequel.

5 soulful facts about cartoon blockbuster at the top of the world box office | GameK

4. The composer operates the musicians from a distance of nearly 9000 km

The journey to make the movie booh met many obstacles, including the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic. Due to the fixed release schedule in 2020, Universal and the filmmakers had to sprint to finish on schedule. During the epidemic and even the blockade, the crew still worked from home at full capacity.

Unable to go to London to directly record the soundtrack, composer Mark Mothersbaugh had to direct the conductor with 80 to 100 musicians from afar. “It was a little odd to sit in Los Angeles and run the job at Abbey Road but we also solved some technical problems. Once the microphone was in place, we got to work. without any problems“, the composer shares.

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5. The “Sisters of Thunder” image is inspired by the legendary rock band

The appearance of the thunder sisters at the end of the film became the moment that the audience considered the most impressive film. The group of “powerful” female characters led by her grandmother has had a show that makes everyone surprised. The film’s art director Peter Zaslav revealed that the scene was inspired by the covers of heavy-metal albums by famous rock artists such as Iron Maiden and Slayer. Bold large print – in the style of paintings by the most famous illustrator of the 20th century, Frank Frazetta was used to create images of strong women appearing to solve the problem. save the men.

5 soulful facts about cartoon blockbuster at the top of the world box office | GameK

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