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5 reasons why Vietnamese gamers will “get drunk like cigarette” game of love Rat Rat Hoang Cung

The context of the Royal Palace, the story of the palace interspersed with the language, attracted players with dramatic dramas and climaxes, Sister Sisters is a game expected by the community.

4 classes of characters – one each looking, everyone is worth playing

Coming to the Sisters of the Royal Palace, players will play one of the four classes of Thuong Thuong, Thuong Duoc, Thi Ve & Hoc to write their own stories.

An Thi Ve will win the hearts of the players with the ability to fight top notch, hard to match; An Upper Pharmacy scores more calmly, has the advantage of support & survival; A “Real” superiority in the control action – even a lock for the opponent to develop skills and a Scholar to fight the group, survival advantage. With each ability as well as different strengths but all these 4 character classes promise to bring extremely satisfying moments for players.

The story is attractive, dramatic that the player cannot leave

The story of the game revolves around the life of two main characters & villains along with other supporting characters. However, each character will have a different story, fate and a “mission” so the series of missions in the game will be more diverse and richer. Throughout the plot is the journey to find true love, the struggle, sometimes the pain of separation of the characters, including Hoang Thuong Nguyen Duc, Vuong Gia Nguyen Tinh, Thi Ve Ta Duy Cam. and To Vien the young lady. In parallel, there are tricks, conspiracy of civil war, foreign affairs of the villains such as the Queen, Queen, Trac Phi, Thuong Thu, …

5 reasons why Vietnamese gamers will get drunk like cigarette game of love Rat Rat Hoang Cung | Mobile & Social

Reportedly, the role of Hoang Thuong, Thi Ve & To Vien is the movie actor Lien Binh Phat, rapper B Ray and actor Ngoc Tran. All three have made a set of photos of these characters and received much praise from the gaming community.

Attractive gameplay, unique attachments make gamers addicted

Playing in turn, combining role-playing is always a game that makes gamers fascinated and once played, it is difficult to give up. In addition to understanding the storyline to facilitate the performance of the game tasks, players need to understand how to match the match, ensure that they win and master the skills to use in the PK process.

In addition, the diverse system of entourage – the famous characters are also factors that gamers love. Playing Sister Sisters of the Royal Palace, gamers can easily “meet” Gia Bao Ngoc, Vuong Chieu Quan, Ngu Huyen Co, Phan An, … all of the talented amateurs in the human world are easy to catch the players.

5 reasons why Vietnamese gamers will get drunk like cigarette game of love Rat Rat Hoang Cung | Mobile & Social

Fashionable style, splendid and lovely

Those are the words used to talk about the fashion system in the Sisters of the Royal Palace. In this game, players will certainly be overwhelmed by the attraction of the royal outfits, the court that the characters possess. From the color, style to the form of these costumes, players are fascinated and desire to own them.

Gamers can map, upgrade and dress according to personal preferences. This is also an opportunity for players to explore more about the variety and fashion styles in this game.

Beautiful & epic

This is a way to identify the Royal Sisters when they put this game together with the bow and love products in the Vietnamese gaming market – until now. Images are designed in 3D, the map system as well as the characters are rated extremely beautiful & detailed. Not to mention that the game allows to rotate the view, enlarge-minimize the screen window inside the game with shimmering effects, vivid skills, …

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the most outstanding feature that the game allows players to actively “create strokes” by customizing the character’s face, expressive decorations, eyes, nose, lips, …

5 reasons why Vietnamese gamers will get drunk like cigarette game of love Rat Rat Hoang Cung | Mobile & Social

Sister Sisters is currently allowed to download the game and is ready for June 12 to officially launch. On the occasion of opening, NPH will offer code, incentives and a number of support activities, organizing the playground at the game fanpage, … Ty Muoi Royal Palace hopes to bring an attractive and attractive playground in the days. June 2020.




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