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5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023

Previously, acts of fraud and appropriation of property only took place between people who were in direct contact with each other.

But over time, with the development of technology, this behavior can be done anywhere, anywhere, any distance, in any geographical location, and the tricks are increasingly sophisticated. than.

The most important thing is that the person being deceived is completely unaware and if he does, it is very difficult to trace.

In today’s article, I will show some common scams today and how to minimize them.

#first. Answer the phone and do something

This scam is simply, the fraud party will call the victim (usually the police department, post office, …) to inform about the victim’s involvement with the law, so they ask to compensation, or ask the victim to follow certain instructions.

Either the scammer will notify the victim that they have won a prize that fell from the sky and that the victim needs to send shipping or tax money to receive the reward…

In general, there are a lot of tricks and scenarios created with the purpose of allowing victims to transfer money to certain accounts.

After the money transfer is complete, whatever happens will happen, the scammer will disappear forever, even though the victim suspects, tries to contact …

Listening to it, everything is very absurd and many people will immediately recognize these childish scams.

But the reality is different, many people have been fooled with this old trick.

Especially things related to bad debt, the law or related to taxes.. Bad guys have hit the victim’s psyche, gullible people are often easily deceived.

But always remember, there is not any legal agency that only contact via phone and ask for money.

Always be calm and think carefully when they talk about issues, if you break the law and have to pay money, there must be clear documents.

If it’s a winning announcement, ask yourself if you’re part of any prize program, and call the party directly to confirm.

But there is no such thing as suddenly winning a prize while I did not participate in any program before.

In short, stay calm and consider carefully what the caller gives and informs you.

There is no such thing as a rush to do everything right in that call, if in doubt, hang up or make an appointment to talk to another time so you have time to find out (phone number, information received. .)

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

#2. Click on the link (URL) in the message

This is a very sophisticated form of fraud and very difficult to trace.

Roughly, the scammer will send the victim a message with something and ask you to click on the link to do the next steps.

Just like the calling method, the content aimed at the victim is to click to receive the reward, click to complete the registration……

After clicking that link, there will be 2 cases:

  • One is a new website that opens and automatically downloads some kind of malicious code to steal your personal information, such as bank accounts, social network accounts …
  • Second, a fake website appears (with the same interface and domain name) => users mistake it for a real page, so they log in and pay for a service.

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

Always remember, never click on a link from a strange message, whether it’s a regular SMS or a message on Zalo, Messenger…

Only click when you are sure it is a message from a reputable service that you are still using. OK !

#3. An acquaintance texted to borrow money

This is also a trick that bad guys often take advantage of.

Somehow, the bad guy can hack the victim’s nick/account. For example, a Facebook account, and at this time, the bad guy messages with each person in the list of friends to borrow money.

A lot of people have been hit by this trick, now it seems that users are much more cautious than before, but in general, many people are still affected.

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

The solution when receiving messages like this is to call the person who wants to borrow money directly to confirm.

#4. Fake link hidden behind real link

This trick, webmasters can see it right away >.< But for those who are not very familiar, it will be very easy to "eat bullets". You can watch the following scam snippet: Notice of being given a cash gift package. If you pay close attention to this place, you will immediately see the question in the Email of the sender. Because there is no big business/organization that uses Gmail like that, they will use their own Email. In momo's case it would be [email protected]

The content of the message above is not dangerous, but when clicking on the Google Form, the link in this is the problem.

For example, the link to the Techcombank page: The URL/website you see is the real website, but the link hidden behind when you click on it is another website ^^

Just click on the URL => the hidden link will display on the left side as shown below.

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

So, please click on the link first to see the website you are about to visit before clicking on the link.

#5. Message notifying account spent abroad

This is not a new trick, but many people are deceived. This move is more advanced than the techniques using spam messages.

Sophisticated is that hackers use the brand name (brand name) of a reputable service to send messages. Specifically here is ACB bank.

This, according to my research, the hacker has registered SMS brandname similar to the real brand name.

Meanwhile, the same brand name, the phone will automatically merge the message into 1 inbox. As a result, the scammer’s message lies alongside the real brand’s message.

But if you pay close attention, you will see that there is something wrong with the homepage name of ACB. Because ACB’s domain name is not the page in the message.

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

This is a fake login page when you click on the link in the message. The interface is very similar to ACB bank. And the prey has fallen into the trap!

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật

And here is a fake message from Sacombank

5 popular forms of online fraud today 2023 | lừa đảo,Dân công nghệ,cafe's công nghệ,bảo mật


Even if you have received messages from familiar brands, you still need to pay attention to the URLs in the message.

If in doubt, if you don’t know a brand’s homepage, do a search first to make sure it’s the brand’s homepage.

#6. summary

Yes, the above are very common online scams today.

If to end all the fraudulent methods, I don’t know how much is enough, but in my opinion the above methods are the most common.

Either way, the most important thing is to stay calm and think carefully about the problem.

Rushing and fear will make you fall into the trap faster, which is also what scammers exploit in victims.

Hope this article will be useful to you, do not forget to share this article with your relatives and friends to make them more alert.

Oh forget, in addition to the above scams, if you come across any other scams, don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below for everyone to be wary.

Maybe your sharing will help many people who are about to be scammed ^^ !


by Kien Nguyen

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