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5 models of modern and talented gamers loved by fans, wishing to become

Modern life has many celebrity models for us to admire and dream of becoming. What about gamers? Certainly, you also have images for yourself to love and desire to be like them.

“Pro” gamer, good game

Of course, the first idol for many gamers is the “pro” gamer with superior skills, winning in many major tournaments. With this ideal type, most idols are professional athletes, have excellent performance or members of a group. eSports The current. The top names are as familiar to us as Faker, Fatal1ty, Dendi, Doublelift, SofM, MAXIM, XB, ProE, Sparrow Goes Sunny… or hundreds of other top notch gamers.

Not only have good gaming skills but also the aspect of personal life everyday these people also leave an impression in the hearts of many fans. And you secretly wish to be like them, at least be able to play such cool games.

Streamer “hot”, know how to build community

Hot streamers are people who are known and admired by many gamers because they have a large fan base. Those are “people of the public”, which are loved by people through the livestream channels: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook … Also from these channels, the “idols” can interact and chat with fans as well. like organizing minigames that engage your favorite people.

5 models of modern and talented gamers loved by fans wishing to become | Mobile & Social

Community development helps popular gamers get closer to players. The current streamers every time “aired” are attracting a large number of fans watching. Like last year, every battle of AoE’s Sparrow Goes Sunny There are more than 70,000 viewers at the same time. Or game events made by Nam Blue for Pursuit community, PUBG Mobile.

Know how to care for family and relatives

A player who becomes an “idol” not only has talent in the profession, skills, forte but also knows how to care for the people around him, especially the one closest to him. For married gamers, fans often “murmur” at the fact that they love their wives and children, spend time with their families and love their neighbor. Typically as QTV, Xemesis or Mixi Degree. It is really a beautiful quality that everyone admires!

Do volunteer work

A good role model or quality in “minded” gamers is the concern for the community, the disadvantaged groups in life or the good values ​​in life.

5 models of modern and talented gamers loved by fans wishing to become | Mobile & Social

The gamers’ charity, material and spiritual sharing with organizations help their images become more perfect, enthusiastically supported and increasingly loved by fans. Recently, at the end of December 2019, Do Phung (Mixi) streamer used the entire “donate” of the month to make charitable activities at Ky Quang 2 pagoda, helping disadvantaged children to be praised by the community, warm response.


Not only widely known in the gaming world, the ideal model in the community can come from good gamers in many other areas of life. They are multi-load human!

5 models of modern and talented gamers loved by fans wishing to become | Mobile & Social

Many gamers after successful on the road streamer, caster, professional competition have other directions to develop such as business, filmmaking … People like PewPew, ViruSs … are involved in the activity. businesses like opening a bakery and cafe and getting a certain success. These ideal gamers can let us learn in a certain way or the whole person, their personal life!

As for you, who is your idol? What makes them like you, fans, please share with us.

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