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5 habits that are killing your computer

Usage habits have a huge impact in deciding whether your computer can live or not. Only when you know how to use will your computer not be damaged and stay with you for a long time. Here are some habits you should avoid right away if you don’t want to leave your beloved computer early.

To open the case

Many of you keep thinking that leaving it open is cool, but cool it is good for components. Yes, that’s true, but on the condition that your environment is dust free, and if you do, dream.

In addition to temperature, dust is also a leading cause of damage to PC components. If you are in a closed, air-conditioned room, feel free to open it. However, if you are in a dusty environment, the benefits are certainly not as much as the harm. Let me give myself an example for you to easily imagine. My room turned straight to the road and there was no air conditioning so I always opened all the doors from the front door to the window to cool it during the day. In the past I used a case of alum, not many fans were attached but the card was quite hot, so I opened the lid of the box. That is very regular, about 1 to 2 months is my computer can not be up, remove RAM to clean dust is it all. The dust is still stuck on the backplate of the card, so I have to clean it every 2 months. Until I buy a very tight and dust-proof case with a full fan, optimizing good airflow, this situation will go away, and it will take much less hygienic.

Opening the case lid should only be done when you are in a clean environment. So if your room is like your room, it is best to buy a dust-filter case with fans to attach and use. Having a closed case also helps you protect your device from external agents such as lizards, mice, bugs, water and anything you could accidentally make it fly into the case.

Remove the computer sanitizer too often

Cleanliness is good, but not this way. This is also one of the main reasons why I advise you not to open the case cover unless you’re in an extremely clean environment.

5 habits that are killing your computer | Gaming Gear

Electronic components or mechanical components are the same, it’s best to limit the amount of disassemble and insertion. When removed and installed regularly, the most noticeable harm is that the contact pins of the components will wear out faster, especially the gold plating on the RAM and PCIe pins. The SATA connector, power cord … also quickly loose. The fact that the device’s contact pins are worn out easily leads to poor contact. This is very harmful, light machine will not light up, and heavy easily lead to electric shock and grill your components always.

The advice here is that instead of regularly cleaning your components, look for ways to keep them dirty for longer. Let’s start from closing the case.

Put things on the laptop

This is also quite common, especially students who put notebooks and outline on the laptop. It’s okay to do light things like paperwork, but if you throw a whole bunch of books or dictionaries on it, there’s a problem.

5 habits that are killing your computer | Gaming Gear

The laptop’s back cover houses the screen itself, and the screen is extremely fragile. Placing heavy objects on the laptop can cause the back of the laptop to warp and break the display panel. Whether your laptop has a plastic or metal back cover, thick or thin, hard or soft, it’s not advisable to put things on it. In essence, people do not design a laptop for you to make a tray.

Just a little, run the Stress Test

The essence of stress testing is to force your device to run at its full capacity to test its stability under that condition. It only gives you the challenge to conclude that component quality is not beneficial. Turning on the stress test regularly is like you go on a motorbike, it wears out components very quickly.

5 habits that are killing your computer | Gaming Gear

I see quite a lot of brothers, every little bit bring my machine to stress test once just to check the temperature. Instead of such bluffing stress tests, you can use a temperature monitoring app to better control the condition of the device during use under normal conditions.

I know a case like this: Youth A sells cards to young people B. Youth B thinks FurMark is a heat measurement application, so I turn it on 24 out of 24. As a result, after 2 months, the card increased to 9x and the young man A sold the fake one again.

Play the game uncontrollably

*This though not harm the computer clearly but it also makes your experience worse, so I will also bring into the article as well.

What is free is also attractive, but you think people spend time and effort, committing an illegal act of distributing a publication protected by copyright laws just for you to play for free? Not at all.

5 habits that are killing your computer | Gaming Gear

It is their right to crack a game, and to install anything into that crack is their right. Usually the crack will require admin rights to boot and once the admin has granted, the crack will have full access to your computer. Things like viruses, malicious code … are almost inevitable. Some crack groups even add malicious code to take part of your VGA power to “mine” their cryptocurrency. The most noticeable symptom is that your GPU will always be hot because it runs at full capacity but FPS is lower than when playing copyrighted games.

One more thing I want to say is that I see many people often click next repeatedly without even looking at the message content. This is quite harmful because you will not know where the game is installed and at the same time the installer has installed any other software (This is easy to see with the game crack). So it is best to take a few seconds to realize what you are doing before every time you press next.

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