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5/11 – Play 3Q Teenager, freely receive Red General

After more than a month of careful preparation, on the morning of November 5, 3Q Teenager – the top Three Kingdoms in Asia officially reached players on both Android & iOS operating systems.

In addition to the bustling playgrounds to celebrate the official launch of the game, livestream activities giving code, guiding rookies, the Board of Directors Teenager 3Q also do not forget to prepare events in the game to support the first step for gamers in the journey to conquer the game. On the first day of the game, new players immediately receive the following benefits:

Online received Han Quang Ngoa

This is equipped with Purple shoes – extremely hot for gamers. Just online gamers experience the game and reach 115p will immediately receive Purple equipment.

Previously, the 3-minute, 8-minute, 15-minute, and 25-minute markers were players who received Nguyen Bao; After 40 minutes, 60 minutes, … to 200 minutes, the milestones will receive the items of Giving Advocacy, Recruiting high-command, Quyen leveling up supervisors, …

Log in every day to receive heavy gifts

Accordingly, in the first 8 days of going to the server, gamers just need to log in steadily, continuously, there will be hot gifts that 3Q Teenagers give. In which, the main hero costume (Ngan Thuong) is an item that gamers are very much looking forward to. Ngan Thuong not only gives the character a fresher image, but also increases stats and strength significantly. In addition, the player will also receive a piece of Phuong Minh Binh Phu (matching with the purple category); Recruiting high-command (used to recruit high-commanders); Prime Minister India (Red treasure item); Ngan Thuong (main hero fashion) & Ngan Bao fashion. This is considered the easiest gift collection activity for rookies, just play a game to get a gift!

5 11 Play 3Q Teenager freely receive Red General | Mobile & Social

Detective reported 7 days to receive the Red General

To receive this special gift, players will perform daily quests, completing them to receive event materials and items. After accumulating enough points, gamers will be able to join Tham Bao to “pick up” Trieu Van for themselves.

5 11 Play 3Q Teenager freely receive Red General | Mobile & Social

It is known that Trieu Van in the 3Q Teenager game is the most favored general with full combat and many separate outfits.

5 11 Play 3Q Teenager freely receive Red General | Mobile & Social

In addition, players also receive for themselves the fragments Ha Hau Don, Trieu Van, Lu Mong, Vu Cat. These are special Three Kingdoms generals, with special powers, making the game of gamers more ideal and able to deploy combat suits with tremendous power, making others abstain.

Gamers are overwhelmed by the red packets

Every day, 01 player will have 01 turn to participate in picking up the lucky money (maximum 5 bags) or at 12:00 or 18:00. After picking up the lucky money, players will receive 01 lucky code, use this lucky code to dial at 20:00 every day to have the opportunity to receive many hot gifts. First place receives 1,980 Nguyen Bao & 1,980 VIP points (equivalent to VIP7 in the game); The second receives 2,400 Nguyen Bao and the third receives 10 command recruits – high. This activity only takes place in the first 7 days of the game’s launch, so each player should take advantage to get all the luck & rewards from this event.

5 11 Play 3Q Teenager freely receive Red General | Mobile & Social

3Q Teenager – Three Kingdoms tactical masterpiece with the special characteristics of Red generals, diverse combat, flexible gameplay honoring player skills, modern graphics, … will make it hard for gamers to take their eyes off. Currently this game is receiving a lot of expectations from Vietnamese gamers.




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