4 ways to clean the air during a flu season

Ventilate indoor air

The first way to clean indoor air is by using a ventilation system. An effective ventilation system will help fresh air circulate in one or more spaces and remove contaminated air. Polluted air is when it contains bacteria, viruses, dirt, odor-causing molecules, allergens, …

If the design of the house / apartment does not have an effective ventilation system, then it is advisable to use additional machines that support the indoor air circulation such as energy recovery fans. Ventilation unit recovers energy instead of discharging it directly, heat and humidity inside the room is recovered to cool fresh air which has been filtered and brought back to the room.

Proper air circulation can create a stable airflow and regulate the temperature and humidity throughout the room. Combined with the air purifier feature can ensure a pleasant and clean room maintenance.

Improve indoor air quality to protect your health and your loved ones

Using conditioning inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria

Using air conditioners that release free radicals (OH) to absorb hydrogen from contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, etc. and inhibiting their activity is considered a solution. Ideal for protecting your health as well as family members.

One of the most notable air filtration technologies available today is Panasonic’s advanced nanoe ™ technology. Accordingly, the nanoe ™ X generator will release 4.8 trillion OH radicals (10 times more than nanoe devices) approach and break the link of the odor causing particles, helping to deodorize effectively. Besides, OH radicals will also absorb hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, convert into water and inhibit their activity. Together with nanoe ™ X, the nanoe-G generator will release 3,000 billion negative ions per second, crept into every corner of the room, attaching to dust particles, especially PM2.5 in the air, keeping them in the filter net and invisible. dust off.

Nanoe ™ air purifier works independently of cooling technology so users can use the 24/24 air purification feature to make the indoor atmosphere cleaner and safer. Meanwhile, the power consumption of the air purifier feature is very low with fan mode only 25W / hour.

This technology has been developing since 1997 and is applied on many products, including Panasonic air conditioners.

4 ways to clean the air during a flu season | Live

Nanoe ™ technology can be activated remotely, keeping the home clean and comfortable for you and your loved ones back.

Use an air purifier to catch and fix harmful molecules

Many people believe that the main function of an air purifier is to humidify, so it is often considered to use. In fact, this device possesses many modern features compared to what you think.

Based on the principle of “suction – push”, the air purifier will release into the environment of negative charges to neutralize harmful positive ions, creating an electric wind effect to catch harmful molecules, especially PM2.5 fine dust and fix them at machine filter. Then push the clean air out, helping users more comfortable in the fresh living space.

Use essential oils and essential oil diffusers

According to a number of studies by US scientists, burning essential oils helps remove vapors and harmful gases in the home.

In particular, Melaleuca oil is a traditional medicine with a strong bacteriostatic effect. On the market today, there are many drugs made from α-Terpineol essence in melaleuca oil to inhibit influenza viruses. Or eucalyptus oil (also known as eucalyptus, scientific name is Eucalyptus) is also a good choice. Eucalyptus is extracted to treat respiratory diseases, can kill bacteria, eliminate many harmful substances in the air.

Diffusing essential oils with an essential oil diffuser, not only helps inhibit the influenza viruses present in the living space but also helps the space filled with cool and pleasant aroma. Not only that, the high-class essential oil diffuser also features negative ion release. These ions are responsible for approaching and neutralizing harmful positive ions (bacteria, viruses, odors, mold molecules, fine dust …) suspended in the air, helping to improve the quality of home air.

With technology nanoe ™ , new energy-saving inverter technology and new generation R32 refrigerant, Panasonic’s air conditioners are the solution to help you enjoy and maintain “fresh air for a perfect home”. Panasonic air conditioners have 1 year warranty nationwide. Readers see the details at:

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