4 great games to help gamers easily learn Vietnamese history


Released on December 16, 2011, 7554 is the first FPS game produced by Vietnamese hands (Hiker Games) 100%. Developed based on a real historical event, it was the great victory of Dien Bien Phu in May 1954, 7554 put gamers as Viet Minh soldiers and his teammates fighting against the French colonial army in the historic Dien Bien Phu campaign.

Time to escape, up to the present time, 7554 has officially launched for more than 8 years. Although the revenue was not as expected, 7554 still left an impression in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers because it was the first blockbuster game “homegrown” in our country.

Overall, never before, never before has a game developed by Vietnamese people have such a strong appeal as 7554, to the extent that game news sites are famous in the world. must track and report. However, 6 years have passed, and the Vietnamese game village, although there have been positive changes and remarkable developments, has yet to repeat the success of the 7554 once achieved. It will remain an immortal monument in the hearts of Vietnamese game fans for many years to come.

Stronghold: Warlords

For fans of strategy games, Stronghold is sure to become a familiar name. Along with other cult series like Total War, Age of Empires or Civilization, Stronghold has become one of the most popular strategy game series in the world.

4 great games to help gamers easily learn Vietnamese history | GameK

In the latest Stronghold: Warlords version coming out in January 2021, ancient Vietnamese civilization will be one of the playable empires in the game. Through the producers’ perspective, famous figures in Vietnamese history and mythology such as Lac Long Quan, Au Co, King Hung or Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong are all recreated in a very unique and attractive way. guide.

4 great games to help gamers easily learn Vietnamese history | GameK

In fact, it is rare for Vietnamese history to be so clearly and proudly depicted in international products. It can be said that Stronghold: Warlords brought a part of Vietnamese culture and history to introduce to world friends.

Age of Empires 2

4 great games to help gamers easily learn Vietnamese history | GameK

A DLC version of Age of Empire 2 HD Edition game titled Rise of the Rajas gives gamers the world four new civilizations: Burmese (Burmese), Kmher, Malay and Dai Viet. Many gamers were excited to spend $ 10 to buy this DLC to enjoy the strength of the Vietnamese army in the 14-15 centuries.

In addition to 4 new races, the game also introduces four new game-playing parts named: Gajah Mada, Suryavaman I, Bayinnaung and Le Loi. Introduction to the game Le Loi, Steam describes: “When the Dai Viet situation became chaotic, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty (China) intervened and took control of the entire country. Now, the only hope to escape oppression lies in the an outstanding figure, you are Le Loi. Can you defeat the invader from the North and regain independence for Dai Viet? “. – Listen to this, many gamers will surely be touched by boiling national pride.

Thuan Thien Kiem

4 great games to help gamers easily learn Vietnamese history | GameK

Thuan Thien Kiem is a history game in Vietnam, the online multiplayer online role-playing game genre (MMORPG) for free, forever playing, set in the chaos of the late Le dynasty (15th – 16th centuries). Thuan Thien Kiem is built on stories of Vietnamese history and culture under the advice of assistant professor of history, Huynh Lua. Thuan Thien Kiem is known as the first Vietnamese historical online game produced and published by VNG company (formerly known as Vinagame company). At the 2008 ISGAF Video and Software Expo, Thuan Thien Kiem was awarded the title of the game with the best Vietnamese storyline and the Vietnamese game with the most impressive graphic design.

First launched to the public in March 2010, Thuan Thien Kiem impressed the gamers of the country by the advanced graphics as well as the role-playing style that was not inferior to the legends of that time like Vo Lam. Truyen Ky or MU Online … Although it did not achieve much success and had to break up with fans soon, Thuan Thien Kiem still left in the hearts of players beautiful memories that could not be erased.

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