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4 aquarium fishes clearing Pokémon Island after nearly 3,200 hours of gameplay, discovering game bugs that no one has found in the past 18 years

Pokémon is the most famous role-playing game series that Nintendo has ever released, and is also one of the most expensive brands in the world today. With players mainly children, this series of games is often designed in a friendly way, the story is relatively simple, easy to understand and the difficulty is moderate for everyone to comfortably experience.

However, whether it is too easy or not, recently, even the aquarium fish can complete the Pokémon Sapphire game version in a delicious way, no less than a professional gamer. The difference is that if we spend an average of 30 hours per version of Pokémon, these fish will take nearly 3,200 hours to clear the island (not to mention the post-game content).

A team of special gamers including 4 aquarium fish have destroyed the Pokémon Sapphire game in a very “cumbersome” way after nearly 3,200 hours of gameplay.

This is an unbelievably daring project that has been carried out by the Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru since the beginning of this summer, and only just ended mid week ago. Instead of “fighting” the Pokémon Sapphire game by himself, something that many other YouTubers have done, Mutekimaru brings together a team of 4 dragon Siamese fighting fish: Maurice, Lala, Moo, Ponyo and give them experience 1 In the game that once stormed on the GameBoy Advance system, the reason that Mutekimaru had to use up to 4 different fish was so that they could take turns plowing the game to relieve fatigue.

Basically, all 4 of our dragon fighting fish don’t have to do anything too hard. They just swim around the pool as usual, but the abnormality lies in the tank itself, when it has been divided into many different areas corresponding to the joystick on the handle. The whole process takes place naturally, following the random movements of the fish, without any outside interference (so they only take more than 3,000 hours to complete a game that should be only play for about 30 hours is done).

4 aquarium fishes clearing Pok mon Island after nearly 3 200 hours of gameplay discovering game bugs that no one has found in the past 18 years | Khám phá

Mutekimaru redesigned her aquarium so that the four fish can control the game’s character.

Mutekimaru said that in the beginning, it was already a big problem just thinking about controlling the character to leave town. However, in a miraculous way, Maurice, Moo, Ponyo and Lala together defeated many opponents on the way, won a series of Pokémon badges as well as won against bosses in the game.

Not only that, Lala fish even discovered a glitch detail in the Seafloor Cavern area of ​​Pokémon Sapphire that players have not seen in the past 18 years (although this glitch is a bit pointless and makes the main character. fall into the “secret”).

Lala fish found a game bug in Pokémon Sapphire that no gamer has discovered in nearly two decades, although this game bug is a little meaningless.

Over time, our 4 fish gradually overcome all the obstacles and reach the Pokémon League to face the Four Heavenly Kings (Elite 4) and the champion of Hoenn – the strongest final bosses in the game. According to the general assessment, Pokémon Sapphire’s Elite 4 is not too difficult, but champion Steven is at a much higher level with a strong lineup and really annoying gameplay.

Even so, Mutekimaru’s team of gamers still persistently fought, overcoming this last obstacle. The decisive attack they use is Ice Ball from Pokémon Walrein to take down Metagross, Steven’s flagship Pokémon. Interestingly, Ice Ball is an ice-type move that doesn’t really work well against a steel-type Pokémon like Metagross (attack power is split), and certainly no gamer will use the style. Fighting carelessly like that in a battle is so important. That further shows that the game play of these fish is completely impromptu and unpredictable.

4 aquarium fishes clearing Pok mon Island after nearly 3 200 hours of gameplay discovering game bugs that no one has found in the past 18 years | Khám phá

The final formation that the 4 fish gamers used to clear the Pokémon Sapphire Island.

The Pokémon Sapphire clearing squad that our 4 fish used include Tentacruel (level 77), Walrein (level 73), Mightyena (level 72), Swellow (level 74), Manetric (level 72) and Camerupt ( level 67). This squad has been trained to be about 10 – 15 levels higher than the Pokémon used by the last boss Steven. However, considering the 4 fish playing at random, without looking up the instructions, without using outside help, this is still an extremely respectable battle that has never been seen in world gaming history. And most importantly, according to Mutekimaru, all 4 fish are in stable health after completing this impressive project.

Mutekimaru said that his aquarium fishes silently completed Pokémon Sapphire while he was still in a deep sleep. Only the next morning, when examining the game play, did he realize this wonderful thing before sharing on Twitter and causing storms in the Pokémon fan community during the past week. Mutekimaru said that for the moment, he and his 4 dragon-fish will rest for a while before embarking on his next project.

The whole process of clearing Pokémon Sapphire in nearly 3,200 hours of 4 gaming fish.

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