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36 plots in Military Law Sun Tzu !

Surely you have also heard such familiar sentences as: “Thirty-six plans to run away are top books”, “Tau vi upper books” or “Dharma of tigers and mountains”… and right?

I know that many of you have already read this book of Military Law, but besides that, there are also many of you who have never read it. So in this article, we will learn together about 36 strategies in the Army of War Ton Tu ha.

#first. Whose martial art of veneration is?

The “Three and Six Successions” or “Thirty-six Successions” in the Military Law Sun Tzu are said to be of Sun Vu during the Spring and Autumn period or of Zhuge Liang of the Three Kingdoms period.

To this day, historians have not provided definitive evidence of who wrote them, or these are just oral words, passed down from time to time and compiled by famous authors. varies from period to period.

But people still think that it was Ton Vu (Son Tu) who wrote these 36 strategies, so they named it Ton Tu Binh Phap.

#2. The martial art of the martyrs and the 36 schemes


Below is a summary of the main ideas of Sun Tzu’s Army, if you want to better understand these strategies, you can buy the book Ton Tu Binh Phap and 36 Successes to read. here or here)

In the set of 36 plans of War, Sun Tzu is divided into 6 different groups of plans, including:

A) Winning the Battle Plan

1. Man Thien Passing the Sea (Lying Heaven and Crossing the Sea)

Hiding the sky through the sea, taking advantage of the fog to hide.

Here it can be understood simply that in order to reduce someone’s suspicion, we have to be as calm as if nothing happened, we can still be free and live as usual. And if we keep stammering as if we’re hiding something, people will notice that abnormality.

2. Besieging Wei to Save Zhao

True to the name of this strategy, in order to save the state of Zhao, it is necessary to bring troops to fight Wei, so that Wei withdraws all troops from Zhao to defend. The implication here is to avoid hitting where the enemy is strong, but to focus on hitting where the enemy is weakest so that the enemy has to retreat to defend.

This strategy was used a lot in wartime and up to now, the strategy of “siege the puppet to save millions” still retains its value when it can be applied in life and in business.

3. Dozens of Killers

Here is also understood in the sense of “Borrowing Knife to Kill”, borrowing someone else’s hand to kill the enemy. I’m sure you already understand the content of this plan, so I won’t talk much about it!

4. Ditzy Diligent Labor

Or is also understood as taking less and more enemies, taking the leisurely, excitement to deal with the fatigue.

That is, taking advantage of the opportunity and advantageous position of your side and then waiting for the right opportunity (when the opponent is tired, exhausted, and mentally depleted), then immediately act to make the opponent unable to return. hand changing clothes

5. Duong Dong Kiem West

This is also a well-known strategy used a lot in history, which is to pretend to hit one side but actually hit another. The Vietnamese phrase “glaring vegetables pick up meat” has the same meaning ^^!

6. Burning Fire Dak Kiep

The point here is to take advantage when the situation around is chaotic and complicated, quickly implement the ideas the way you want. In other words, take advantage of the fire when the house is on fire to attack the robbers, take advantage of the fire to act.

B) Enemy War Plan

7. No Middle Ages Friend

The idea is that there is no but make it happen by confusing things up to make it easy to find excuses, manipulate at will… and then from there, to take advantage of your side.

8. Darkness Tran Thuong

That is, choosing a path, a way to fight that no one thought of (Like: peeps, surprise***)

9. The Way of Guanyin Fire

The point here is indifferent, not participating in melee in order to make the sides fight each other to the point of fatigue and exhaustion and then we put all our attack power to defeat them all.

10. Tieu Ly Tang Dao

Here it is about winning the enemy’s heart, gaining the opponent’s trust and then secretly planning and plotting to take advantage of his side, but not letting the opponent know the shady and suspicious. .

11. Shun Thu Shield Duong

Literally understood as “handled the goat”, must know how to seize the opportunity at hand. Everything in this world is subject to change, so we must take advantage of every opportunity, even the smallest.

12. Ly Dai Dao Cuong

To understand simply is to take someone else out to replace yourself, to bear the blame or to bear the calamity on your behalf.

C) Battle Plan

13. Defeat the Serpent Sutra

Also known as “testing”, here is an act like to probe how the other person is, see how the other person reacts and then find the most suitable way to deal with it.

14. Ta Thi Hoan Soul

The idea is to take advantage of something to revive an object that can bring benefits to you.

15. Dance of Tiger Ly Son

Use a ruse to lure the enemy out of a safe hiding place/daunt, in order to make it easier to attack.

16. Desire to Gutuc

The meaning here can be understood that if you want the opponent to surrender to you, then forgive the opponent, treat the opponent kindly … this is a method to attack the psyche, from which the opponent will voluntarily surrender. .

17. Gems Floating Floats

The point here is that we must know how to sacrifice a little bit of immediate gain in order to achieve a greater benefit.

18. Thieves Holding Kings

If you want the enemy to really surrender, then immediately attack the leader, their leader… thereby making the opponent / enemy “Like a Headless Snake” make them disintegrate, then the enemy will surrender to us.

This sentence is similar to the saying “hit the snake must hit the head” that you guys!

D) Melee Plan

19. Phu To Tuu Tan

That is, avoid hitting directly, hit the opponent directly, but change the direction to attack the enemy’s rear in order to reduce the number of troops, making the opponent weak. In help-life it’s called tailgate tire hook ^^

In other words, “drawing firewood from the bottom of the pot”, defeating logistics to make the enemy gradually weaken.

20. Mixed Water Mac Ngu

Also known as “Excess Water Turbidity Drop Fishing”, when taking advantage of the enemy’s dangerous situation to take advantage to achieve the goal.

21. Kim Zen Escape from the Body

Kim meditation escapes the body, also known as cicadas escape the body!

Not necessarily in the literal sense of disguise, here it also refers to the fact that we have a purpose, a scheme in advance to not let the other party know. Until an appropriate time, we will take action to make the opponent unable to return in time.

In other words, actively create a different appearance, a completely new look.. to confuse the enemy, immobilize the army, and escape safely.

22. Quan Mon Toc Tac

Simply put the opponent into a passive position, there is almost no way out. In other words, closing the door to catch the enemy, locking the door to release the dog…

23. Vien Giao Can Cong

That is, if the enemy is far away, use words and diplomacy to solve, to seduce them to their side. As for the case where the opponent is close, they will use force to solve it in order to gain the upper hand.

E) Chien Chien Plan

24. Pseudo-Preaching Punishment

That is, to negotiate and compromise with the opponent in order to take advantage of it and then, at an appropriate time, return to attack the opponent with the advantage created by the opponent himself.

25. Thuong Luong Hoan Tru

Simply hit directly at the headquarters, the headquarters of the enemy.. from there the enemy must also voluntarily surrender.

26. Only Tang Ma Hoe

This is a tactic used to deter and gain the trust of the other party through speaking in a swirling manner, not directly in front of him.

In other words, only dogs scold cats, attack indirectly through an intermediary object.

27. Fake Si is not crazy

This is a common case among young people who “hide their job”, like to “pretend to be stupid”, but inside they are a treasure trove of knowledge, an extremely deep inner being. So don’t look down on anyone

Or in other words, pretending to be stupid, not crazy, the purpose is to let the draft be subjective, disregard and not take precautions.

28. Upper House Abstract

It can also be understood as “going up to the house to pull the ladder” or “Cross the bridge to draw the board”.

This is a trick where we have to create bait to seduce the opponent until the opponent has no way back, ie cornered.

29. Thu Thuong Khai Hoa

Taking advantage of something to turn an object from worthless to valuable, from useless to useful.

30. Anti-Visitor

Taking advantage of the enemy’s loopholes to break in, make friends, make friends with them…. and then act slowly, taking advantage of their side. Sometimes in some cases it is also called “Eating Stone Bowl Porridge”.

In other words, from being a guest to being a host. Then gradually overwhelm until the goal is achieved..

F) Defeat Strategy

31. Failed to Plan

This strategy is used when your side does not have an advantage, so it is necessary to create a series of strange actions, things, and events to distract the opponent, so that the opponent mustBe careful not to act recklessly.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang used this strategy to defeat the 150,000 army of Sima Yi. At this time, the city was only filled with women, the elderly, children and a few old soldiers.. But Zhuge Liang had now opened the city gates, let the old soldiers clean, while Zhuge Liang was playing the piano. ..

Seeing such a scene, Sima Yi thought that there must be a trap inside, so he took the initiative to retreat.

32. Counterintelligence Plan

Jokingly is “His Stick Smashes His Back”, that is, using the opponent’s plan to deceive the opponent. Here is to turn the enemy’s insider into our own, using the opponent’s person to deceive the opponent.

Chu Du used this tactic in the battle of Xich Bich to kill Cao’s admiral and vice admiral, Sai Mao and Truong Doan.

33. My Nhan Ke

This is also a very famous scheme and is also used a lot to this day, everyone must know that every man who is a man loves the beauty of women, so the ancients took advantage of this. this weakness to gain advantage for themselves.

34. The Next Suffering

“Suffering first, happiness later, then getting rich” … Yes, make yourself miserable to deceive the opponent, find the enemy’s loopholes.

The difficulty of this strategy is to “act” in the most realistic way, so that the opponent does not suspect. Because if it is discovered, it is true that it is both miserable and humiliating, but there is nothing to gain.

35. Lien Hoan Ke

Simply concatenate, combine multiple plans together to create a sequence of consecutive plans. Accordingly, whatever happens will cause a chain reaction.

36. Tieu Vi Thuong Sach

This is probably the most famous and also the most widely used scheme. When you know that you are facing unfavorable conditions, or there is no way to win, you should “

Dragonfly is the best”


#3. Epilogue

Yes, the above are 36 strategies in Ton Tu Binh Phap, and a few other strategies appear in some versions such as: Nhat Tien Ha Song Dieu (One arrow hits two birds) or Tien Phat Che Nhan (Ra). front hand to control the opponent),..

We can flexibly apply all these 36 strategies in life (work and business) to become a wiser and wiser person, less deceived… but don’t use it to deceive you guys


by Kien Nguyen

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