30 ‘best of the best’ in 15 Kim Dung series, full of ‘heavenly’ titles (P3)

The most beautiful female beauty – Tieu Long Nu

Although throughout his career, Kim Dung has created a lot of beauties with different beauties, but only Tieu Long Nu is blessed by himself with the four words “First Beauty”. Original description of the beauty of the diving fish, the pure pearl ice of Tieu Long Nu:

“The young woman was dressed in a white silk suit, as if her body was in a mist. She was seventeen or eighteen years old. Except for her black hair, her whole body was as white as snow, her face was beautiful. However, the skin is white, blue, and lack of pink color. Duong Too raised his face and met her eyes. as pure as ice, as cold as ice. I don’t know whether she’s happy or angry, sad or happy. “

That beauty was later entrusted to the actors, in which Liu Yifei and Ly Nhuoc Dong are the two beauties that make the most impression on viewers.

The most heartbreaking death: Tieu Phong

Thien Long Bat Bo closed with the most haunting and tragic scene in Kim Dung’s novels. That was when A Tu threw his eyes back to Du Than Chi and hugged Tieu Phong’s body to fall into the abyss, leaving Du Than Chi blindly screaming his lover’s name in the midst of a tragic afternoon. It has been said for a long time that, out of all the characters of Kim Dung, only Tieu Phong is the one who gives the most impression of the hero’s tragic identity in the maze of destiny.

30 best of the best in 15 Kim Dung series full of heavenly titles P3 | Manga/Film

Tieu Phong is a hero, but a hero has many tragedies

Some people think that Tieu Phong has no place to live, the Lieu people consider it a traitor, the Song people consider the barbarians of Khat Dan and commit suicide; Someone said that because he wanted to be perfect with A Chau, he should choose a perfect death; Some people thought that Tieu Phong wanted the two countries to stop the war and stop the fight, so that was why he had a chance. 9 people with 10 comments, even though hundreds of pages have not been able to fully contemplate the love, reason, and harshness in those final scenes.

The hardest and most tragic question: To ask what is love in the world?

Even though many years have passed, many people still cannot forget the question associated with that Ly Mac Sau. By itself, there is no girl who hates love, harboring hatred for someone who resents to kill dreamy lovers like Ly Mac Sau, that is to go through the bitter taste of an unjust love. the strength to mold a beautiful woman as if she had died in her heart like that.

30 best of the best in 15 Kim Dung series full of heavenly titles P3 | Manga/Film

In the past, Ly Mac Sau also loved, she devoted a deep love to the student Luc Trien Nguyen. For the sake of love, Ly Mac Sau was willing to give up his chastity and chastity to follow, unexpectedly trusting the wrong person, the betrayed Luc Trien Nguyen left her to marry another girl.

30 best of the best in 15 Kim Dung series full of heavenly titles P3 | Manga/Film

After a sad love affair, Ly Mac Sau’s inner mind “twisted his body” and turned her into a completely different person: cruel, cold and always burning revenge intentions. After exactly 10 years, she went to Luc Trien Nguyen but he died, his wife was also sad and nostalgic, and went down the golden stream. Since then, Ly Mac Sau always appeared and opened with a famous saying “asking what the world is about, but couples vow to live and die”, sadly sad.

The most extravagant “real” way: Ngam Nha Hanh

In all of Kim Dung’s works, there are probably only 3 characters who reach the realm of literature and martial arts, but possess both excellent merit and intelligence than people, in addition to the appreciation of personal ego. level of arrogance. These are Hoang Duoc Su, Ta Ton and Ngam Nha Hanh.

30 best of the best in 15 Kim Dung series full of heavenly titles P3 | Manga/Film

However, the “rude” nature of Dam Nha Hanh is the most dense, the most characteristic, unique, not afraid to show all the bad sides of herself, in accordance with the name “whatever I do”. Nham Nga Hanh was completely pure, like his attorney when fighting against Thien Thu Tathagata of the great master Phuong. The attorney general is not thrilling, not colorful through the eyes, but in the rough, it contains the essence.

30 best of the best in 15 Kim Dung series full of heavenly titles P3 | Manga/Film

“Only those who have the true bravery and true possessions like Nham Nga Hanh will dare to remove all the cultural shell that covers the nature, to appear naked to all the bad and the good. Desperate to conceal, like a real human-being, when he speaks very sharply with the style of a great martial arts master, sometimes he acts very rude, even lowly, like good guys. Han Jiang Ho “.


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