3 ways to watch the WeChoice Awards livestream 2019: Ready to catch every moment

To re-appointment, WeChoice Awards 2019 is moving towards the final preparation steps to honor the characters and events loved by young people in the past year. Already 5 years have passed, this theme was chosen by the WeChoice Awards entitled “The little extraordinary thing”, conveying the message and the profound meaning of the extraordinary in small but daily actions that can be changed. life-changing, expressed through 18 compassionate and beautiful inspirational characters / characters. Therefore, WeChoice has long been expected to be one of the major and prestigious awards, having a profound impact on the community and society.

In order to help people not to miss any humane moments and extremely special and exciting performances from the top guests, here are 3 ways to follow WeChoice Awards 2019 all the time. Where, just need Internet:

1. Live stream on social networks: Facebook, YouTube, Lotus

WeChoice will be available on the most popular and popular social networks, receiving great attention and sharing from the online community. All operations need to be extremely simple, just access, follow updates on the latest developments and announcements on the WeChoice Fanpage on Facebook (here) or the YouTube channel WeChoice Awards (here).

In addition, MXH Lotus will also favor the dedicated interface for the WeChoice livestream, even optimized the smoothest and most convenient viewing experience on the application:

3 ways to watch the WeChoice Awards livestream 2019 Ready to catch every moment | Internet

Just download the Lotus app, the widget section at the top of the main interface will automatically display top trending events and news at the present time. Of course, the WeChoice Awards will immediately appear in the best position so that all users can find and follow up as soon as they log in.

Download the Lotus app: iOS / Android

2. Live reporting on the Kenh14 homepage: The website interface of will specialize the livestream video to the top of the page, helping all readers can access and track the fastest right from the first click, do not miss valuable emotional moments.

3. Access to All happenings, updates and details of each item will always be timely updated on the homepage. Similar to Lotus and homepage, the livestream player will also be pinned to the top of the website.

WeChoice Awards – The annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor the people, tell the most inspirational stories, events, products and constructions that have a positive impact on the community. copper – came back with a new message: The little extraordinary thing.

It is a story of extraordinary things made up of the most ordinary and simple people. It is these miracles, these small but extraordinary things, that make us more confident in the beauty of life, of humanity, and of the people themselves. Let us honor and vote for those stories, characters that you find worthy at the WeChoice Awards 2019.

The voting period is from December 31, 2018 to 23:59 in January 11, 2019. The journey to spread the inspiration of the WeChoice Awards 2019 will officially close with an emotional honor Gala night that will take place at 19h45 on 12/01/2019 and will be broadcast live on HTV2 – Vie Channel. Watch Livestream on Lotus- Social Network application to receive many attractive gifts right away. All information about WeChoice Awards 201 9 will continue to be updated at [ Æsir Tales ]

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