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3 rules of survival when using business email

In an era when consumers are increasingly wary of sophisticated scams, it is obvious that emails like [email protected], [email protected], will not be able to attract as many customers as [email protected]

It is important to note that in order to own a professional email, you will need to follow the three guidelines outlined in the following article.

Principle 1: Always use your own domain name

No matter what product you sell, if you are serious and have a long-term development orientation, owning a domain name will be a prerequisite for a long-term business strategy. That domain name will be used for sales email, business email in the form of [email protected], and then can be used for the website as soon as you need it. In addition to being professional, owning email by domain name also brings other advantages such as:

The email is short, formal, and easy to remember

You will not be able to get a short email address in the form of [email protected], instead it will be the address [email protected] when using a public email service. These types of email addresses are not really easy to remember.

With your own domain name, you can put any letter first and use whatever name you want. Custom domain email addresses are in fact extremely convenient, people can even remember them even if they can’t write them down, limit mistakes when exchanging them over the phone, helping customers remember and link. with your business easier.

No strings attached and better security

If you use a business email address that’s tied to an internet service provider (ISP), you should replace that address immediately. Impersonating your company to use it for bad purposes like money fraud, illegal transactions or worse, anti-government … will most likely make your growing business inconvenient. , even heavy damage. In fact, such incidents still happen every day, and you will most likely be the next victim.

Choose a reputable provider and you’ll instantly get an email account by domain name in just a few simple steps. Currently, there are many leading reliable business email providers, such as: Zoho Workplace, Bluehost, Office 365, Rackspace, G-suite, BizFly Business E-mail … with a variety of packages services to help maximize the unique needs of each business model.

Especially, BizFly Business E-mail is a business mail service in Vietnam that applies the method of charging according to the usage capacity (only from 100,000 VND / month) and an unlimited number of flexible accounts. (Refer to service here).

Principle 2: Some more professional naming tips for the business

Type 1: Use only the name: [email protected]

This is the easiest and most memorable way to name your company email. Also, if you use this email for some privacy purposes, it still guarantees a certain level of personalization.

Type 2: Use names and abbreviations:

[email protected]

You can reverse first name and last name initials. This way, the user’s name will be least likely to be mistaken for a middle pad.

[email protected]

Numbering with duplicate names may apply.

[email protected]

It is quite common to reverse first name first and middle name.

[email protected]

A period can be added to separate first and last names, to prevent a company partner or colleagues from calling the wrong name.

Type 3: Generic name: Info/Sale/[email protected]

These are dedicated emails for different functional departments. Setting up these separate sites will help organize and better organize, providing customers and partners with a dedicated access channel when there is a need for support, sales or cooperation.

3 rules of survival when using business email | Tech ice tea

Principle 3: Create a separate email for the website

Do not use the same email address when interacting with customers with the address displayed on the company website. Using a personal email address on the “Contact” page will leave an unprofessional impression and customers may judge your company smaller than it really is.

A generic email address, like [email protected], feels professional, impressive and also more useful because you can forward emails to multiple accounts.

Choosing an email platform under a reliable domain that fully meets the needs of simple communication to specific management requirements is the first and simplest step in the process of building and connecting trust. trust your customers and business partners!

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