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3 beauties 18+ complained because they suddenly became known as ‘minor tam’ because of Japan’s hottest affair scandal

Recently, the whole Japanese showbiz was shocked with the information that Ken Watabe – husband “Japanese beauties” Nozomi Sasaki had an out-of-relationship relationship with many women behind his wife. There is even a source that said Ken Watabe was abusive to his wife, but at present, this information has not been verified.

Husband Nozomi Sasaki was found adultery behind his wife. Both have been media named “beauty and the beast” before it is one of the most popular couples Jbiz.

According to Japanese media, Ken Watabe had an affair with all 182 people, including AV actors, singers, even male stars in showbiz and outside the entertainment industry. The number of related characters is too large and the age and occupation stretches making Japanese showbiz shaken. Trivia According to Ken Watabe, he had an affair with him in places like the basement of parking lots, in elevators, toilets, even in cars, etc.

3 beauties 18 complained because they suddenly became known as minor tam because of Japan s hottest affair scandal | Khám phá

Also according to this information, there are 3 female Jbiz stars that have been shown to have an underground relationship with Ken Watabe. These three beauties are different in age and temperament but they have one thing in common is that they are all adult movie actresses. Accordingly, those three are Erika Katagiri (former actor of SOD Star, Attackers, retired), Eri Takigawa (debuted at S1, later a freelance actor) and especially Nao Jinguji (debuted at Prestige, now is the exclusive actor of Madonna and Moodyz).

Immediately after this information appeared online, all 3 girls denied this information. Specifically, Nao Jinguji confirmed that he had never met Ken Watabe before, adding that if anything happens, he must not hurt others. Eri Takigawa denied the story and also said, not knowing Ken Watabe.

3 beauties 18 complained because they suddenly became known as minor tam because of Japan s hottest affair scandal | Khám phá

The case of Erika Katagiri is different, she said once met Ken Watabe once in 2014. This time is about 4 years before the Nozomi Sasaki couple married. After retiring from 18+ actress, she moved to Taiwan because she wanted to have a normal life. Therefore, the appearance of this information made Erika Katagiri very annoyed because she suddenly encountered troubles.

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