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3/3 choose a meaningful gift for the other half of the world?

If you are still wondering what gift to send to your mother on March 8th, OKUSAKI would like to send you meaningful and unique gift suggestions that you can send. Come to Mother on this meaningful International Women’s Day!

Massage Chair AM – 889 Limited Edition – Japanese Technology Pinnacle

3 3 choose a meaningful gift for the other half of the world | Gaming Gear

Integrated with the most modern technology AM 889 Massage chair has helped users feel surprised when using

+ AM-889 Including 13 intensive massages and adjustment levels to help you choose massage exercises for each suitable position to eliminate muscle tension, eliminate toxins from the body, balance oxygen in The brain relaxes the nervous system and spirit … bringing a great sense of relaxation to the user

+ Roller system,

With the most modern technology, the roller is operated by 4D technology to move flexibly, the roller system is guided by intelligent sensors that affect each acupuncture point in the body to help users feel comfortable. and most pleasant.

+ Flexible airbag system

AM-889 Contains 96 dual airbags on the seat that will squeeze continuously. Especially, the airbag system in the calf alternately squeezes the release, combined with the rollers in the soles of the feet to help deepen the impact on the acupuncture points. Helps relieve aches and pains, prevent cramps, muscle stiffness … common in the elderly, who are often heavy work

+ Especially, Massage stretching ankle joint

Integrating infrared heat technology, heating right on the massage system, equipped with separate rollers to ensure the task of soles massage, two pairs of foot massage rollers with flexible rotation angle of toes and heel massage feet give you the best moments of relaxation on the soles of the feet to bring the most comfort and comfort

+ Multilingual control panel, modern designed right on the seat, simple, easy to use, especially the most intelligent ability Voice control (voice control) is very suitable for the elderly .

AM – 889 Massage Chair Is a prominent product that is improved both in design and modern features. Will definitely become a special meaningful gift on March 8, helping your loved one to forget all everyday worries and stress!

Massage Chair AM – 689 Physiotherapist

3 3 choose a meaningful gift for the other half of the world | Gaming Gear

AM-689 is a perfect product that integrates 8 intensive massage exercises such as kneading (kneading), tapping (knocking), knocking (punching), shiatsu (pressing) …, and many levels of adjustment for each position. relieves aches, pains, back muscles … brings a great sense of relaxation for users.

-Double air bag system:

12 dual airbags are placed along the seat body, the air bags will automatically squeeze and release continuously to help blood circulation from the limbs to the heart better, thereby avoiding numbness of limbs, aches and pains. For mental comfort, have a deep sleep.

-Massage stretching muscle and spine:

With proper traction acting along the spine, the spinal cavities are widened, reducing the pressure on the disc, reducing the process of osteoarthritis … aligning the spine and spine joints when there are deviations, increase flexibility and increase the release of stiffness in joints in the vertebra. Thereby helping to prevent diseases of the spine such as herniated disc, lime spine, ..

Special: The perfect combination of Shiatsu reflexology massage method with Body Scan technology helps support the treatment of aches and pains, promotes the processes of the whole body, Together with the system Thermal massage heated in the back and legs combined with the most modern roller technology will assist in the rapid release of bone and joint pain to help circulation and maximize massage efficiency.

Indeed, Massage Chair AM – 689 is the most meaningful health gift, whether you choose to give your parents, your grandparents, your girlfriend, your wife … it will bring all the benefits and help you “. Give love “okay!

Super product Okusaki treadmill JP-226

3 3 choose a meaningful gift for the other half of the world | Gaming Gear

For women who are planning to lose weight or want to improve their health, this is indeed a product not to be missed.

-JP-226 Possessing a strong frame and a super-powerful engine, bearing a large load, suitable for your daily practice with different members of the family.

– Rug running 8 layers super durable, anti-slip, meet high safety.

-The automatic slope up mode up to 20% makes it easy to manipulate exercises on any complex terrain, improving endurance

-The multi-function training support for different areas of the body such as the abdominal flex bar, massage vibration belt, waist rotation disc will support you in an optimal way to improve the training effect, helping you regain slim waist, toned body easier than ever.

– Modern screen displays full information of Speed, distance, time, calories consumed, heart rate, to adjust the most appropriate exercise program.

-JP-226 possesses new features and technologies nowadays, this is a perfect treadmill as well as a meaningful 8/3 gift for you and your whole family to regain positive living energy, helping to increase Strengthen the immune system, circulate blood circulation, reduce stress, fatigue, regain a slim, effective body!

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