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2020, how to become a ‘kh khà’ cultured?

In the recent WeChoice 2020 awards ceremony, “khà ©” has become one of the “hottest” keywords, a trend that has been prominent in the online community for a long time. Beyond the literal nature of this phrase, “Cà khía” has become the catchphrase of many gamers, used to joke and tease each other to bring joy and enjoyment.

“Ca khia” is simply a phrase of snoring, sarcasm, “pannier touching nia” others. Today, it has the meaning of teasing, “trolling” among close groups, brothers and friends. But it also has a further degree of sarcasm. Of course, in the gaming world, this behavior is a regular action, a catchphrase and, to a certain extent, a cultural trait of Vietnamese gamers. So in the new year 2020, how do we gamers who have “culture”?

Control emotions temporarily

Although it is not easy to do this, it is not easy for game enthusiasts, especially in large community games. When teammates make a mistake or they are defeated by the opponent, immediately, gamers can “sneak in” right away. Many gamers easily pour out heavy and hard-to-hear words. It belongs to a temporary feeling, moreover it is also in the online environment.

2020 how to become a kh kh cultured | Mobile & Social

So the first thing we need to be concerned about is immediate emotional control. “Ca khia” is an act to relieve frustration and discharge frustrations when playing games but accidentally it makes us become no longer “delicate” standards. Therefore, learning how to control emotions will help us become more cultural gamers, more respected by people. Instead of “coffee”, let’s discuss, exchange with other players to find the optimal way!

Gentle comment, more humorous than shocking, provocative

Every good game has many discussion communities on different fanpages, groups, and groups. On the other hand, there is the board administrator, forum admin. The way to express personal opinions or share experiences when playing games is also something gamers need to keep in mind so as not to be said to like “walking”.

2020 how to become a kh kh cultured | Mobile & Social

Before a share (status) of others or personal opinions, gamers should be thoughtful and keep a reasonable level with their statements and comments. Can “kh khà” in a light, joking, satirical and witty sense of humor, should not be overly expressed with the words “shocking” and provocative.

Instead of “tracing the worm”, report bugs positively

In order for the game to exist for a long time in the community, the game management board and the publisher really need valuable and enthusiastic contributions from the players. Therefore, before the game is released, they usually open the trial version for gamers to play first. Looking forward to “finding the deep edge”, the publisher hopes that gamers will discover the inadequacies to improve the game.

2020 how to become a kh kh cultured | Mobile & Social

However, instead of gently reporting culturally, many gamers use vulgar words to disparage the game. This will bring more negative effects than positive. Therefore, when expressing personal feelings about the game or contributing ideas to the operation team, gamers also need to be calm, slow, sincere and honest. Make “kh khà” game culturally with clear evidence, feeling subjective but reasonable and persuasive. So everyone will respect you!

And you, you find yourself a gamer “kh khá” culturally? Please share your comments let us know.

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