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20+ API chain services similar to IFTTT and Zapier

IFTTT Unlimited applet runs: You can run multiple workflows through Applets.
IFTTT helps to connect home appliances in the house (including refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers…

Meanwhile, Zapier doesn’t have this kind of integration yet, and their free plan only lets you do 100 tasks per month. Zapier allows you to create custom Zaps in just a few minutes.
As for IFTTT, if you can’t find an Applet that fits your needs, then creating one will be more difficult than with Zapier. IFTTT has three plans (free plan, Pro plan and Pro+.
Pro version costs 2.5 USD/month, you will get 20 applets.

Pro+ version costs 5$/month, you will get unlimited number of apps. Zapier Supports many popular applications.
Enables multi-step automation.

Offer free service pack On complex integrations, you can quickly use up tasks, increasing usage costs.
Some integrations have very limited functionality.

Errors can be difficult to resolve because troubleshooting is not straightforward. There is a free plan (100 tasks/mo)
There is also a Starter plan ($19.99/month) and a Professional plan ($49/month). Business Support discounts for nonprofits and educators.
Quick support with quick call/training opportunities.

Collect, share and analyze data in real time There are only three data destinations.
There is no data visualization feature. offers a 14-day trial of the service.
Paid plans range from $49/month to $249/month. Cloud-based and on-premise options
Get a 14-day free trial.

Can choose from 3 different products under support which makes it more extensible Highly technical and difficult to set up
Fewer options for smaller businesses

“Low code” not “no code”

The price is quite expensive offers several pricing plans for self-service customers, enterprises, and software vendors.
The cheapest plan costs $199/month, with more advanced plans costing close to $1,000/month. Exalate There is support for the free version.
Two-way sync (like Hubspot’s Operations Hub)

Reduce the risk of sharing confidential information. Complex interface and settings.
Only suitable for specific use cases.

Application-to-application direct connection is not possible.

Only suitable for large enterprises. Exalate offers a limited free plan.
Paid plans range from $95/month to $295/month. Appypie Connect More than 300 integrations available.
Unlimited customization

Do it quickly Less documentation, user support. Rates from $9.99/month (when billed annually) Flowmattic OpenAI connector available Only Wordpress plugins.
Currently there are only 116 application connectors. Prices from $99 to $349 per year HubSpot’s Operations Hub Access ! Supports two-way sync.
Easily connect to other Hubs. Few app integration options.
All plans are more expensive than Zapier Prices range from $40 to $2,000 per year. Integrately Much cheaper than Zapier.
Supports connection to more than 650 applications.

Many automations are made available for you to download and use. There is no two-way sync.
No drag-and-drop functionality Free version support with limited features.
Lowest paid plan from $19.99/month. Lolo code Build intuitive event-driven NodeJS applications. Pricing per app For the free plan: Users can create as many apps as they want, but can only run 2 apps for free at the same time.
These apps will automatically stop after 7 days (if not redeployed). Make (Formerly Integromat) The interface is very easy to use.
Drag and drop user interface support.

You can create a task schedule to prevent exceeding the API limit. It can be difficult to integrate with major platforms like Hubspot.
Few documentation.

Missing troubleshooting documentation There is a free package.
The next package ranges from 9 – 29$.

The business plan does not disclose the price. You must contact us for exact prices. Microsoft Power Automate Access ! Suitable for large businesses Power Automate is more tailored to Enterprise, so if you’re an individual, startup or SMB, then Zapier might be a better fit You can try it for free, but to use it you will have to contact sales for an exact quote. N8n Free (like, really free).
Great for tech-savvy people who want to build their own solutions

Selected location to save data.

Unlike its competitors, n8n does not charge extra for running advanced workflows. Highly technical to use and set up Limited customer support and no data visualization tools Relatively limited number of apps to choose from (200+) All free Outfunnel An ideal choice for the sales-marketing process.
Can support deep and complex integration.

Easy to set up. There are fewer app connections compared to Zapier.
There is no free version.

Less multifunctional than other similar tools. Prices range from $6 to $49.
For businesses, the price will be according to agreement and demand. Parabola You get up to 25 steps per workflow on the free plan.
There is no limit to the number of times you can run a workflow. Limited Workflows: You can only run three workflows at a time on the free plan.
You have to run the workflows yourself: If you want the workflows to fire at a specific time or after a specific event, you will have to pay for the premium version.

High cost ! There is a free package.
The $80 per month paid plan gives you unlimited manual workflows + 3 scheduled workflows. Pipedream Access ! There is a free package.
Ideal for advanced users with complex integrations.

Core products are constantly updated. Not suitable for those who are not technically savvy There are free plans, paid plans from $19/month. Tray Has business support functions.
Workflows can be extended using Python and JavaScript. There is no free trial available. Predefined plans are not available and you need to contact sales for a quote. Workato Workato allows you to use data that existed before the automation worked. Workato’s price depends on how many recipes you buy, and you’ll need to go through the sales team to get a quote. No prices are publicly available, so you’ll need to get a quote from Workato. Wyzebulb Simple solution to integrate sales and marketing
There is a 7 day trial available.

Cheaper price than Zapier Limited number of apps and integrations.
No visual editing tools.

Not as versatile as many other services and features. Wyzebulb offers a free trial of all plans for 7 days, their Personal plan starts at $15/month. Zoho Flow Native integration with Zoho CRM and QuickBooks.
Price ok.

Friendly interface The number of built-in integrations is limited.
Must use Deluge (super-appropriate scripting language) for advanced customization of processes. Zoho Flow has two plans: Standa for $10/month and Pro plan for $24/month. zzBots Intuitive and simple workflow automation
Excellent notification system.

Support creating your own bot. It will be quite difficult to use for newbies 🙂
There are not enough step-by-step video tutorials. Get started for free, with extended paid plans from $5/month. Pabbly Connect Access ! Unlike Zapier, triggers and internal actions don’t count as tasks in Pabbly Connect.
While Zapier only offers a limited free trial of their premium version, Pabbly Connect offers a free plan, but you can access all the features before upgrading.

Pabbly Connect has over 3,370 automation video tutorials on their YouTube channel. Does not support live chat, only support via Email.
However, you can access the Facebook group to ask questions / exchange with other users. Pabbly Connect does not charge a recurring feemonthly or yearly.
You will pay a one-time fee ($249), you will get to use 3,000 tasks per month.


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