15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid-19 season

Human: Fall Flat

Discount 60% to VND 66,000

Human: Fall Flat is an extremely fun puzzle platform game on Steam. Players will have to manage to find a way out of a multitude of different environmental circumstances. Gamers can run, jump, climb, grab or carry with them whatever they want to move to anywhere in the world of Human: Fall Flat. Gamers will find that even the simplest task can be very difficult to eat. With a total of 10 levels, 4-player multiplayer mode and countless costumes to choose from, Human: Fall Flat is an extremely worthwhile puzzle game for you to try once.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Discount 80% to VND 78,000

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

ARK: Survival Evolved, the 2015 hit game and has created a fever in the Vietnamese gaming community, is the next name on this list. Needless to say about the authenticity and perfection of ARK: Survival Evolved, it is so beautiful and beautiful that blurs the boundaries between the game and the real world. Rated as one of the top survival games in the world today, ARK can help you “burn time” effectively in the entertainment hours.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Discount 70% – 117.00 VND

Overcoming the shadow of the previous versions, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings a new level with the extremely advanced REDengine 3 development tool. Not only is it a game with advanced graphics, Witcher 3 is also a work of art with beautiful angles and frames like in fairy tales.

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

Participating in this game, sometimes you can temporarily halt difficult tasks or conundrums, just climb on horseback and leisurely around the vast prairies, so that is enough for the experience. Great entertainment experience.

Rocket League

Discount 50% to VND 94,000

Rocket League is a game that combines sports and action. The game takes players to a football match, but instead of controlling the players, players will be able to control a racing car, using their kicks to try to get the ball into the net.

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

Owning a simple gameplay is so but Rocket League is very addictive for players thanks to the excitement when scoring goals against the opponent’s net. Unlike PES or FIFA when we can control the player with the shot relatively easily, hitting the car into the giant ball to put it in the right direction is not a simple task at all.

Since its launch in mid-2015, the Rocket League-based online game has created a worldwide craze. With the perfect combination of two sports kings, football and racing, the game has attracted a large number of participants and maintained a high level of performance throughout the release.

Resident Evil 2

Discount 67% to VND 264,000

Immediately after launch, with a series of points 9 and 10, Resident Evil 2 Remak deserves to be one of the best games of 2019.

The game’s content will take players back to 1998 when Raccoon City was under attack by a virus called T-virus. In this version, Capcom has removed the rigid rotation control mechanism and fixed camera rotation. Instead, it is a third perspective to make it easier for gamers to control and shoot guns.

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

The remake of Resident Evil 2 has a “new realistic photo style” that makes the characters sharper than ever and hordes of grotesque zombies come to life with really terrible horror effects. Using Capcom’s state-of-the-art RE Engine exclusive graphics technology, Resident Evil 2 Remake will own a very beautiful, detailed and vivid world with greatly improved and beautiful images. , look more scary in the previous version.

No Man’s Sky

Discount 50% to VND 240,000

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

Inspired by our favorite fantasy adventures from classic sci-fi works, No Man’s Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, full of unique planets, different types of live, dangerous and action-packed.

In No Man’s Sky, each star is the light of a distant sun, and orbits it as planets full of life, and you can go anywhere you choose and there is no limit. . In this randomly generated and infinite universe, you’ll discover places and creatures that no other player has seen before in every planet with fauna, flora and even cities. part of their own atmosphere.

Dying Light

Discount 66% to VND 126,000

Despite being released for 2 and a half years, Dying Light still attracts many gamers to participate. Every week, up to half a million people still enter the game, enjoying the intense and challenging gameplay that the developer has created.

15 top games with the biggest discounts on Steam in Covid 19 season | PC/Console

Remember, with an old game like Dying Light, it is very impressive to retain players like this, because according to the information when the game came out, there were nearly 100,000 VND per week. Players play Dying Light. Keeping a large number of players and enthusiastic supporters like this deserves lessons for any game company.


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