15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam (P2)

The Elder Scrolls Online

Discount 60%, also 180,000 VND

At the beginning of the game you will start as a death row inmate trying to escape the dungeon. Then, with the help of some, you will be returned to Tamriel – the stronghold you chose to start from in the beginning. From here, players will begin to be able to perform the tasks of the system. Alternating with the main storyline mission system, players will have to do side quests on their own to reach a certain level.

In general, how to build characters in The Elder Scrolls Online There is not too much difference from the offline games of this series, while still mainly based on the two main skill lines: attack and block (block). However, in combat style The Elder Scrolls Online has been simplified a lot when blocking and counter-attack the opponent has become simpler, however, the effectiveness of these attacks is no longer as high as before. The level up in The Elder Scrolls Online is quite slow because even in about the first 20 levels, gamers could take up to a dozen hours to reach this level.

The character classes in The Elder Scolls Online will receive their own 3 skill trees. However, you can freely choose weapons, armor or accessories for your character according to your liking. Besides, characters can also freely learn more common skills when joining guilds like Fighters or Mages …

Batman: Arkham Knight

Giam 75%, conf 47.000đ

15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam P2 | PC/Console

Batman: Arkham Knight With the quintessence of Rocksteady Studios’ award-winning Arkham Trilogy trilogy, the quality of the game and graphics are indisputable. Developed exclusively for cutting-edge graphics platforms, Batman: Arkham Knight introduces a version of Batmobile uniquely designed by Rocksteady Studios. Caring for this legendary car, combined with the famous gameplay of the Arkham series, gives players the perfect experience of being Batman when driving like tearing through the streets. and soar towards the Gotham City skyline. In the fierce battle this time, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he vows to protect, when Scarecrow returns, alliances with Gotham’s super criminals with one goal collectively destroy Batman forever.

Dark Souls 3

75% discount, also 242,000 VND

15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam P2 | PC/Console

Dark Souls 3 is an action RPG released for Xbox One, PS 4 and PC; In it, players will enter a mysterious gothic world to fight against the dark, brutal forces. Seven years since the birth of Demon Souls, Dark Souls 3 has been the 4th version of the popular Souls game series from From Software.

With a hardcore game with difficulty being pushed to the highest level like Dark Souls, the meaning of victory after defeating a boss here is unlike anything you have ever experienced in other games. Sometimes you just want to break the handle after dying 15 times in a row in a game screen. But then again screaming loudly and jumping like a kid after winning the 16th try. It was simply Dark Souls.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Discount 84%, also 173,000 VND

15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam P2 | PC/Console

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fighting game on 2.5D graphics. Unlike previous games, the fighting mechanism in Dragon Ball Fighter Z allows you to control a team of 3 characters at the same time. These characters will combine together to form the most powerful and effective team.

Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, players will reunite extremely familiar characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu and more. For fans, welcoming a new Dragon Ball game every year has become a difficult habit to break. And in recent years, Dragon Ball Fighter Z is the brightest name for “Dragon Ball” fans.

Injustice 2

Discount 80%, to 78,000 VND

15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam P2 | PC/Console

Injustice 2 is about the war of superheroes, where only the strongest wins. This is the next version of the successful fighting game in 2013 with the participation of many faces in the DC comics, most notably Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Aquaman … Besides, some superheroes from other universes are also present in the game such as Kuai Liang, Raiden (Mortal Kombat) or Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics).

Resident Evil 2

Decreased 67%, to 264,000 VND

Immediately after its launch, with a series of 9 and 10 points, Resident Evil 2 Remak deserves one of the best titles of 2019.

The content of the game will take players back to 1998 when Raccoon City was under attack by a virus called the T-virus. In this version, Capcom removed the rigid rotation control mechanism and the fixed camera angle. Instead, it is a 3rd perspective for gamers to easily control and shoot a better gun.

15 titles that are on a floor sale during September sale on Steam P2 | PC/Console

The remake of Resident Evil 2 features a “new realistic photo style” that makes the characters sharper than ever, and grotesque hordes of zombies brought to life with a truly horrifying horror effect. Using Capcom’s exclusive RE Engine state-of-the-art graphics technology, Resident Evil 2 Remake will own a very beautiful, detailed and vivid world with much more beautiful and realistic revamped images. , look more intimidating in the previous version.

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