15 great free games on PS4 (P1)

Let It Die

Produced by Grasshopper Manufacture, this thrilling slash game is inspired by “Rogue” and “Dark Souls”, combined with the graphic build style, crazy storyline of developer Suda51. In the game, you will have to fight life and death to climb a bizarre tower, if you die in the middle of the way you will be turned into a “Hater” and have to kill other players.


15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

After the success on PC, “Neverwinter” has entered the console and continues to prove that it is one of the best free MMORPGs at the moment. With its charismatic Western fantasy world and an action-packed combat mechanic, it can give you hundreds of hours of fun gameplay without spending a penny.


15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

Although “Hawken” was released on PC in 2012, it wasn’t until early 2016 that it officially entered the PlayStation 4. With more than 30 modern robots, freely customizable to choose from, 6 game modes, and many unique environmental maps, “Hawken” has surprising depth for a loud shooter. If you are an impatient person, you absolutely can spend money to buy some gadgets that make the promotion process faster.

World of Tanks

15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

A lot of shooters in recent years have followed the trend of speed and have a similar context to “Call of Duty” or “Gears of War”. However, “World of Tanks” has chosen a different path, focusing on the realistic military aspect with motor vehicles such as a variety of tanks, thereby providing an angular shooter gameplay. Challenging, tactical, and highly coordinated third look.

AirMech Arena

15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

Basically, “AirMech Arena” is an RTS game, but it does not require too much skill as traditional products. The game has a lot of free content, easy to access and experience, can provide an exciting playground for those who love the RTS formula. And if you are really fascinated by the game, you can spend a little money to make your gameplay even more enjoyable.


15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

The unique MOBA game revolving around the gods in this ancient world culture has a sharp blood design and is very eye-catching with the crowd of modern players. With the success on PC, “Smite” is also gradually building a community of its loyal players on PS4 through an extremely accessible free form. The game will cost you hundreds, thousands of hours of play to accumulate money to buy characters and beautiful skins.

Blacklight: Retribution

15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

If you’re in the mood for console FPS, you’ll need to download “Blacklight: Retribution” now. This game follows the free-to-play orientation, allowing players to access all the important gameplay content without any restrictions. Of course, you can still spend money to get the advantage, but after all, the level of play is the most important thing, not just holding a good gun will bully ordinary players.


15 great free games on PS4 P1 | PC/Console

Considered by many to be one of the best and best free games at the moment, “Warframe” is making headlines on PC and now PlayStation 4 players can enjoy the product freely. shoot this unique sci-fi gun. Build a different and extremely detailed worldview, the game focuses on team play, direct confrontation is extremely stressful and eye-catching.


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