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14 years after its launch, the legendary PS3 has been updated

At the moment, Sony is preparing day and night for the launch event PS5 in the future however it seems that the company still remembers the old console system – PS3. Specifically yesterday, Sony unexpectedly released an update to help improve the quality of system performance for PS3 – the system released in 2006 is currently 14 years old. The latest patch has also been released since 2017, so this move by Sony has made many fans surprised.

It is known that the PlayStation 3 (also known as PS3) is a gaming console manufactured and released by Sony. It belongs to the 7th generation of gaming machines ever made in the world. PS3 was first launched on 11/11/2006 in Japan and USA. 4 months later, the product was also officially released in Australia, Europe and surrounding areas.

14 years after its launch the legendary PS3 has been updated | Gaming Gear

Released at the same time as the Wii (Nintendo) and Xbox 360 (Microsoft), PS3 had to compete in an extremely fierce market. In terms of sales, Sony products are inferior to their competitors. The main reason is due to the price of the device and the number of early game is not plentiful. However, after a while, the PlayStation 3 also overcome this disadvantage by reducing 70% of production costs as well as having more games, so the number of sales has nearly caught up with the Xbox 360.

14 years after its launch the legendary PS3 has been updated | Gaming Gear

After a decade of launch, the mission of PS3 has also almost closed with the outbreak of the PS4 junior. With a dominant position in the current console market, PS4 has inherited the quintessence of its predecessors. Now it’s time for PS3 to rest.

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