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10 popular hi-tech products with strong sales at Tiki on December 12

The biggest shopping season at the end of the year called “End of the Year – Hunt for sale” is booming in Tiki with 10 consecutive hours of hunting for sale. “O Cloud Zing Gut Chop”, you can immediately take the opportunity to hunt for sale at the same price from 12K, super coupon to 1.2 million VND, exclusive deal at 0am and great freeship deals right now!

From technology products – digital accessories, electronics – refrigeration, electrical appliances, to home appliances, home life, health care, … are being sold on the roof and “hotter” than ever. HERE.

Together, we took a look at 10 outstanding products that are selling shockingly with the best “delicious” prices on the market, only available in Tiki:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone dropped by nearly 4 million dong, down to only 11.99 million dong at Tiki. Customers can choose from a variety of trendy colors such as creative orange, delicate white, cool green, cool blue, and elegant purple. The 30x Space Zoom feature comfortably enlarges all details, ensuring clear image quality and capturing close-ups with ease without having to move, even when it’s dark. Available in either 128GB or 256GB versions built-in and up to 1TB of extra storage capacity on a microSD card, let you store whatever you want.

Samsung Galaxy A11 preferential phone with an universal price of only 2.79 million dong at Tiki. This is a bright candidate for students – students, or users who love to experience with the big screen. The smartphone’s 3-camera camera captures every moment perfectly, the ultra-wide angle capture feature increases depth to the image to eliminate image noise to make the perfect picture as taken with a professional camera.

10 popular hi tech products with strong sales at Tiki on December 12 | ICT News

LG Bluetooth portable speaker has a preferential price of 690K at Tiki. The speaker has the look of classic radios, luxurious round shape, beautifully combined with rubber material that is easy to hold, easy to move and just within reach. The sound boost feature amplifies the sound power and expands the sound field to give your every party more emotion.

Apple Pencil stylus is reduced to only 2.49 million VND at Tiki. Apple Pencil is built-in with pressure-sensitive technology and can be used at the same time with one finger to help you enjoy writing, annotating, drawing, sketching, editing, playing games. This is a very useful technology accessory for artists, designers or those who have a passion for painting. The pen can last up to 12 hours on a full charge. However, if you do not have much time, just 15 seconds of charging will be able to use the pen within half an hour.

10 popular hi tech products with strong sales at Tiki on December 12 | ICT News

JBL bluetooth earphones reduced by more than 40%, only 989K at Tiki. This is the top-selling hi-tech accessory at Tiki with many trendy colors, compact design, famous for its powerful sound transmission up to 16 hours. If a call comes in while you are watching a video on another device, this JBL headset will seamlessly switch with your smartphone, the accessory’s bluetooth system also supports connecting to Siri or Google Now without use a mobile device.

The high-end SteelSeries Rival 650 gaming mouse costs only VND 2,379 million, with an eye-catching Steelseries thermos cup from Tiki. This is a wireless version with Quantum Wireless technology, equipped with a removable Micro USB cable for convenience on the move. This accessory also features the world’s most accurate TRUEMOVE3 + sensor eye, for perfect control of narrow distances and depth.

10 popular hi tech products with strong sales at Tiki on December 12 | ICT News

Panasonic NI-GSE050ARA (1800W) standing iron has the original price of more than 2 million dong, the sale is only 1.2 million dong at 14:00 on December 11. It creates a powerful steam for quick and easy fabric flattening. Quick start-up in approximately 50 seconds eliminates the need to wait. The water tank is made of transparent plastic material for you to easily observe the water level, change water in time to maintain the operation efficiency and longevity of the device.

Xiaomi Smartmi smart fan heater costs 1.2 million VND, promotion at 15h00 on 11/12. With a power of 2,000W and using a highly efficient PTC ceramic heater, the device can reach the required temperature in less than 10 seconds. The device also has two modes: warm air and hot air with 4 different speeds.

10 popular hi tech products with strong sales at Tiki on December 12 | ICT News

1000ml Lock & Lock thermos bottle reduces shock to 120K at 18:00 on 11/12. With a compact, modern design, portable design makes it easy to carry around every day. The 1 Liter bottle allows you to comfortably keep warm, cold drinks such as tea, coffee, soft drinks,… or even ice cream for a long time. High quality steel material helps the drink to not be flavored, the lid of the bottle is also removable to be used as a drinking cup very handy.

High-frequency Toshiba high-frequency rice cooker 1 liter pegs the price to 1.2 million VND at 12h00 on 11/12. With a modern, luxurious design combined with outstanding silver and black colors, the product also has a convenient handle that makes it easy to move. Large capacity rice cooker is very suitable for families with 3 – 4 members. High frequency technology also helps to regulate the absolute temperature, the rice grains are cooked in the perfect condition and still keep the nutrition.

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