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10 mysterious ‘demonic phenomena’ are revealed from the perspective of science (P.1)

Up to half of the population in this world believes in the existence of ghosts and mysterious stories surrounding it. Scientists have been searching for the answer to the question “Do ghosts really exist?”. Until now, they had explanations for some of the ghostly phenomena that exist in human life.

1. Electrical stimulation of the brain

Many healthy people in the world have seen a person’s shadow pass through their eyes and immediately disappear. They believe it to be the soul of the dead or the devil.

But Swiss scientists have found evidence to explain this mysterious phenomenon. When she performed electroencephalogram in the apex of the left temporal region of a female patient with epilepsy, the girl said that there was a figure sitting behind and mimicking her movements.

The reason is that scientists electrically stimulate the brain region responsible for helping people determine their sense of self, helping to recognize the difference between them and others. Then they will imagine the silhouette of imitators in their heads.

In short, when the brain is abnormally active, many healthy and schizophrenic people encounter ghosts and other creatures like aliens …

2. Effect of the unconscious

10 mysterious demonic phenomena are revealed from the perspective of science P 1 | Khám phá

The toilet table is a popular spiritual game used by superstitious people to communicate with the soul. The toilet bowl consists of an alphabet, numbers and two yes / yes and no / no answers. Together, the participants put their hands on a small heart-shaped piece of wood on the board and read out the question. The soul responds by moving the piece of wood from letter to letter to make words, even though the people who put their hands on it insist they didn’t move the piece of wood.

Michael Faraday, a famous physicist, proved that the movable piece was due to the unconscious effect, the muscle strength of the participants causing the movement due to their expectation of the piece of wood to move. transferred, not created by the soul.

3. infrasound waves

10 mysterious demonic phenomena are revealed from the perspective of science P 1 | Khám phá

Subsonic waves are sounds that are less than 20Hz, lower than the threshold of human hearing. Infrasound waves are formed from winds, storms, in many everyday devices and even from the human body.

Humans hear sounds in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. People can feel these infrasound waves, especially the infrasound waves from their stomach. It produces a negative or positive feeling such as insecurity or fear. When the infrasound wave oscillates at 19Hz, close to the frequency of eyeball movement on the human eye, about 20Hz, resonance occurs, causing people to see false ghost images.

Screaming winds or creepy footsteps are often heard in supposedly haunted homes. The cause of these paranormal phenomena is that strong winds blowing on the walls in the house create infrasound waves.

4. Autonomy

10 mysterious demonic phenomena are revealed from the perspective of science P 1 | Khám phá

Communicating with the spiritual world is something people have always tried to do. There are some people who are thought to have special powers that can connect with those who have died. They say that a mysterious sound can be heard from a soul or let the soul “enter” into its own body.

Some scientists have explained the above phenomenon by “automatic theory”. According to them these are some of the changing states of consciousness, when people say and think things they are not aware of. They self-regulate, erase thoughts, random ideas, images that may arise, making them think that they are thoughts from other entities.

5. Cold spot

10 mysterious demonic phenomena are revealed from the perspective of science P 1 | Khám phá

The cold spot is a phenomenon that when someone is standing indoors suddenly feels cold air around. But if the person takes a few steps to the right or left, the temperature returns to normal. People who believe in the supernatural think that cold spots appear when ghosts appear in thin layers of air. The ghost absorbs heat from its surroundings to have visible energy.

According to scientists, the cold air appears through a window or some opening in the house. Even though the room is closed, when a mass of dry air enters a humid room, the lower mass of dry air will combine with the wetter air mass on the ceiling to create a convection vortex. When a person stands in the right position it feels cooler and that is the cold spot.

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