10 classic details that readers often mistake in Attack on Titan (Part 1)

The reason for this is partly because the series has a fairly complicated plot arrangement. At the same time readers come to the story because they have finished watching the anime and have never read the manga, while not realizing that the anime has cut a lot of content from the original manga. So what are the details that readers often confuse, let’s see!

first/ Titan Attack is fiery

One of the biggest myths of fans who only watch anime is that Eren’s Titan has a very strong fiery form, but this is just an additional detail of the anime production team. Attack on Titan in Season 1 of the movie.

At that time, Attack on Titan was a new work, not having many highlights in the world Anime / Manga market, so WIT Studio decided to make the final episode of that first season that was impressive, through Eren’s creation of Titan is so great when it comes to battling Annie’s Female Maiden, while the truth is that in Manga, Eren was unable to do anything except support for the Reconnaissance Army.

2 / Titan’s Water can affect the holder of 1 of 9 Titan

The First Titan is considered to be the most powerful of the 9 Titans, when it possesses the power to control and dominate other inanimate Titans. Not only that, the holder of the Titan Titan power can also change the memories or adjust the body of the people of Eldia according to his will, making the domination and domination of a nation of Eldia blood so easier than ever.

10 classic details that readers often mistake in Attack on Titan Part 1 | Manga/Film

However, the Titan was unable to influence other Titan power holders regardless of the Eldia’s speculation or the world of the great ancestral power. That is the reason that the Fritz King 145 in the old days, despite holding the Water Titan, but could not do anything to the other Titans, which was under the management of the Marley people.

This detail can be seen more clearly when Eren first used the power of the Water God to save Mikasa and his friends. All the other Titans listened to Eren’s commands, of course, the Titan’s holders at that time Reiner, Ymir and Bertolt realized the power came from Eren but Eren could not influence the thoughts and actions of anyone. anyone else but the Titan Invisible.

3 / Titan of the Water was able to transform Eldia into Titan

The original Titan could do many things, but one of the powers he didn’t have, but still confused many readers, was that he could turn any Eldia into Titan. The First Patriarch could only Titanize the Eldia who had had Titan marrow or, as the case of Zeke, had been infected with the Titan marrow of royal blood.

10 classic details that readers often mistake in Attack on Titan Part 1 | Manga/Film

4 / Levi awakens the power of Ackerman for Erwin

When Eren explained to Mikasa how the power of the Ackerman family worked, many readers immediately remembered Levi and hypothesized whether it was similar to Mikasa and Eren, Levi awakened the power. when I met with Captain Erwin Smith, unfortunately, that is not true.

10 classic details that readers often mistake in Attack on Titan Part 1 | Manga/Film

Unlike Mikasa’s case, Levi awakened his powers long before he met Erwin Smith. An Ackerman clan needs to meet many conditions in order to activate its power, but that doesn’t mean they always need someone “they want to protect” to do so. Levi only chose Erwin as the person he wanted to protect like Mikasa chose Eren, and about Ackerman’s strength, Levi had awakened since he was living in the underground city.

5 / Levi chose to inject Armin because of Eren’s impact

Levi’s choice of injecting drugs, ceding Titan to Death and saving Armin’s life instead of Captain Erwin Smith until then was still a controversial topic in the fandom of Manga Attack on Titan. Most readers often think that because Eren and Mikasa had begged that Levi was satisfied, others said that, because Armin still had dreams of watching the sea, Levi decided to choose Armin over Erwin. .

10 classic details that readers often mistake in Attack on Titan Part 1 | Manga/Film

However, the truth is that Levi chose Armin entirely because he wanted to be freed for Erwin. This can be considered a selfish act from an individual perspective, but Levi decided to save Armin because he did not want to have to drag Erwin back to this hell on earth. That man, who was both a friend and teammate and commander of Levi, had suffered so much, had to sacrifice and lived in torment for so long, so Levi only wanted the Union. The Head of the Legion Reconnaissance was able to close his eyes and rest in the golden spring.

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