February 26, 2023

    Successful weight loss: Do not rush to rejoice, the universe will return you the right amount of weight lost

    If it’s not your own story, it’s probably someone you know. He or she has…
    February 25, 2023

    Facebook sells green areas for nearly 300,000/month: “Beach, honey field” or ‘double-edged sword’?

    Last week, the international financial market had the opportunity to stir about the decision of…
    Dân công nghệ
    February 25, 2023

    20+ API chain services similar to IFTTT and Zapier

    IFTTT Unlimited applet runs: You can run multiple workflows through Applets. IFTTT helps to…
    February 24, 2023

    This scientist makes “instant blood” for mosquitoes, so they don’t have to bite people

    If humans have instant noodles, this is the same product for mosquitoes. It is the…
    February 23, 2023

    From Dreamland to Olympus: Here are the exciting dimensions the MCU can exploit after the Quantum Realm

    Diverse and in-depth storylines are giving Marvel Studios a lot of options when it comes…
    February 23, 2023

    Breakthrough: Technology helps people with paralysis after 10 years of paralysis move again, priced at only 350 million VND

    Strokes, or cerebrovascular accidents, often begin with a seemingly innocuous symptom: Fatigue. The patient will…


      April 22, 2020

      Counterfeit memory cards flooded Shopee: 1TB for only 100,000 VND, still many people rated 5 *

      1TB memory card only 100,000 VND on Shopee On Shopee, it is not difficult for users to find amazingly cheap…
      May 22, 2020

      Hardware is important, but OPPO has shown us that the user experience is the pinnacle of the Android world

      At the present time, when technology is becoming more saturated, smartphone manufacturers are no longer “racing” under the strong configuration…
      May 24, 2020

      Detective Conan: Meaning of the names of members of the ‘notorious’ Black Austria organization

      In the famous Detective Conan, it can be said that the confrontation of Conan and the organization of the Black…
      February 9, 2020

      Arena of Truth: A combination of strong squads to pursue when you have the early Golden Shovel

      To eliminate the fairly negative gameplay, it is constantly spamming a team that is too strong in the meta built…
      May 14, 2020

      Top 4 MSI Z490 motherboards worth buying to upgrade to Intel Core I Gen 10 platform

      What is the first thing people often consider when building a computer configuration? That is the motherboard – the foundation…
      June 12, 2020

      How is the richest man in the United States volunteering to freeze his body for 50 years waiting to be revived in 2017?

      Can humans possess technology to revive a risen dead? That is the question that so many people desire to answer…
      April 24, 2020

      Mobile phone shop after loosening social distance: Gradually bustling, demand for cheap and mid-range smartphones soared

      After the decision to relax the social gap, the business activities at the mobile phone retailing systems began to attract…
      February 11, 2020

      How to prevent the transmission of corona virus in the classroom environment?

      On February 9, the Ministry of Health sent a letter to the Ministry of Education and Training on strengthening the…
      March 16, 2020

      Want to play high quality video at a fast speed, the following methods should be applied immediately

      Businesses in many fields from media, education, beauty, to retail … are quickly grasping this trend by increasing the number…

      [In another Multiverse]

        April 15, 2020

        Top smartphone screen definition, large and beautiful, durable battery for Netflix & Chill for the rest of the holiday

        Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – Reference price: from VND 32 million Opening the list is the most advanced smartphone…
        December 24, 2021

        Revealing a “multi-use” gaming laptop for multitasking Gaming Creator

        Does Gaming Creator need multitasking? With the rapid development of technology, games and livestreaming platforms, Gaming Creator is currently one…
        December 19, 2021

        Top 7 Professional and prestigious event organization in Nha Trang

        Currently, the need to promote the name, image and brand of companies, organizations and individuals is increasing, that’s why event…
        September 21, 2021

        Top 7 The most prestigious driver training center in Nghe An

        Being trained for a driving license at a reputable, good quality Nghe An driving center not only helps you master…
        September 4, 2021

        Top 10 The most professional milk tea making center in Hanoi

        Want to open a bubble tea shop but don’t know where to start? Wondering where to import safe ingredients? You…
        January 24, 2020

        One Punch Man: Garou – the villain has depth and bears the ‘opposite’ attitude to Saitama (Part 1)

        Garou is a very well developed character in One Punch Man. Let’s find out carefully about this character! 1. Introduction…
        April 14, 2021

        ‘TOP 1 Amazon’ – COWIN active noise canceling headphones officially came to Vietnam

        Products from Cowin are always appreciated by the technology world and experts for their powerful, authentic sound quality and active…
        June 17, 2020

        Compare the beauty of 2 generation Z hot girls: The ‘breathless’ side, the gentle, pristine side, too difficult to choose

        It can be said recently, NPH SohaGame constantly causing the community “malaria fever” when simultaneously introducing the admin team from…
        March 24, 2021

        Your website may be contributing to killing this planet

        Today’s websites are packed with pretty cool stuff, from flashy animation effects to auto-play videos. If you hate those features,…
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