11 hours ago

    Explaining episode 4 The Last Of Us: The scariest zombie species is about to appear

    After the touching love story spanning 2 decades between Frank and Bill, episode 4 of…
    Technological iced tea
    16 hours ago

    ChatGPT prepares a 10-minute lesson plan, what do teachers think about the risk of being replaced?

    ChatGPT prepare lesson plan in 10 minutes With only 35,000 VND, Ms. Tran Thi Thu…
    2 days ago

    I have used the Galaxy S23 Ultra long enough to evaluate whether you should buy it or not

    The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 event that just took place seems to be an exclusive…
    Technological iced tea
    2 days ago

    Listen to experts explain in detail about ChatGPT that even people who don’t know anything about IT can understand

    Although ChatGPT is a “hot trend” right now, many people are probably still confused about…
    3 days ago

    ‘God of War’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and hit series are about to be adapted into TV blockbusters

    After decades of efforts to produce movie projects adapted from video games but did not…


      May 20, 2020

      9 classic Hollywood couples reunited after decades: Jack – Rose (Titanic) forever “friendzone” thanks to the unique vow not to love the other!

      Wear for every year Hollywood Still relentlessly producing so many beautiful love relationships, there are still many couples who are…
      April 11, 2021

      Garmin opens the first brand store in Vietnam

      Today, April 11, Garmin has officially opened the first brand store in Vietnam, located at 8 Phan Boi Chau Street,…
      January 21, 2022

      The only female professor of Vietnamese origin of the VinFuture Award Council: The world’s leading scientist in energy materials with 16 years of childhood without electricity

      16 years of childhood without electricity Within the framework of the VinFuture Award series of events, taking place from January…
      April 24, 2022

      Inside the ‘violent’ smartphone war between Apple and Samsung

      In 2005, Mr. Chang Gyu Hwang – then President of Samsung’s semiconductor and memory division – and two other leaders…
      October 29, 2020

      MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming X TRIO Review: When the power of the graphics card is pushed to the limit

      While most tech enthusiasts are excited about the iPhone 12 and how the lack of headphones and chargers affects, the…
      January 14, 2020

      Samsung officially launched Galaxy A71: 4 cameras up to 64MP, 4500mAh battery, 25W fast charging, cost 10.49 million

      Recently, at an event held in Jakarta, Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy A71, the next member of its A…
      March 9, 2020

      New research: audible flowers and the flapping of bee wings make honey more sweet

      Even on quiet days, the whole world is full of sound: the sound of birds singing, the sound of wind…
      February 5, 2020

      EC2 Free Tier Bitnami Applications in AWS Marketplace – WordPress Apache MySQL PHP-FPM Google GCP

      Developers are in a whole new world of 4.0 era, computing resources come with greater power, flexibility as well as…
      February 28, 2020

      Top of the most famous hacks in PUBG Mobile that any gamer has encountered at least once

      Hack Wall Hack wall is one of the most common types of fraud in all shooters because it is easy…

      [In another Multiverse]

        December 26, 2021

        Top 7 Jeans shop "quality" give her personality in the city. Ho Chi Minh City

        Jeans have been around for a long time, but never make a fashion lady feel bored by their continuous impressive…
        January 18, 2022

        This is a “fairy drink” in the animal world, they drink 95 degrees of alcohol instead of water

        “Rum is gone“, Jack Sparrow’s catchphrase in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean shows that rum is a specialty of…
        March 6, 2020

        iRender in the global cloud battle

        I. The general trend of cloud computing in the world Cloud computing market in the world in recent years has…
        December 8, 2020

        This is the greatest hero of the Hellboy universe but no one knows

        Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy may be one of the most powerful characters with roots in hell, and it’s no surprise…
        December 29, 2021

        Too cheeky: A series of content promoting gambling, a business of paid sex clips and prostitution hiding in the shadow of sugar baby ‘does’ in 2021

        It can be said that never before, views on sex, 18+ stories are as open and “talkative” as in 2021.…
        December 17, 2021

        Top 5 The most prestigious package moving service in Ninh Thuan province

        Are you looking to move but are afraid to move your belongings? If you are busy and can’t move your…
        January 19, 2022

        Decipher the heat of the profession “Review earn money”: Easy to be famous, still have a high income sitting at home and what else?

        If you are a person who likes to watch reviews, livestreams, surf TikTok and “put them in the cart” at…
        August 30, 2020

        The beauty is both captivating and creepy of the most famous places under the ocean

        1. The Titanic’s wreck Found 73 years after being sunk in 1912, the wreck of the RMS Titanic paints a…
        January 12, 2022

        Top 4 The most prestigious and best quality Composite plastic door in Binh Dinh province

        Composite doors are high-grade imitation wood doors that are widely used in the interior design industry, do not require maintenance…
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