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    Top 8 The best snack bar in Chua Lang area, Hanoi

    It’s too hard to go all the way through the streets of Hanoi and find…
    8 hours ago

    Top 13 His small actions mean a lot to her

    “Is it difficult to bring happiness to the person you love?” That is the question…
    10 hours ago

    Top 6 The best boarding school in Hanoi

    Preparing children for boarding school is a long journey full of worries and concerns for…
    12 hours ago

    Top 10 The best private high school in Hanoi

    In Hanoi, the annual 10th grade entrance exam is always stressful. In order to win…
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    Top 11 Best short hair salon in HCMC

    You inherently own a long smooth hair, you want to change yourself with a completely…
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    Top 8 The best snack bar in Chua Lang area, Hanoi

    It’s too hard to go all the way through the streets of Hanoi and find…


      February 9, 2020

      The sweep of the ‘Black Death’: The pandemic wiped out 25 million people in Europe

      More than six centuries ago, a terrible disaster struck Europe. A deadly epidemic spreads westward along trade routes from Central…
      October 29, 2020

      The anime worthwhile for fans to enjoy on Halloween

      1. Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek “Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek” is about a group of children playing hide and seek games…
      May 30, 2020

      Not often being ‘open’, the hot female billionaire unexpectedly pleased the fans, launching sexy photos that make viewers swoon

      Summer has arrived, followed by a hot atmosphere coming to many areas. And summer is also an opportunity for the…
      October 1, 2020

      After Blackpink, a famous Korean group became the main character in the game, immediately knowing who it was

      HaB Kora said that one of the famous game publishers in the Korean market, Netmarble, has released an announcement that…
      June 9, 2021

      Take a look at 7 cool bullet points about ShopeePay wallet

      ShopeePay is exactly the new name of the AirPay e-wallet that is already familiar to Vietnamese consumers. From June 8,…
      May 27, 2020

      The ‘Today I Know’ phase assures you more surprises about the world around us

      Who doesn’t have the blood of curiosity, people who love and always want to learn about new things of the…
      January 30, 2020

      [Chùm ảnh vui] The Fibonacci Golden Ratio proves: Cats are perfect animals

      We have often likened to the joy that cats are a liquid, thanks to the ability to flex, snuggle into…
      July 12, 2020

      Guide to experience the Early Update OB23 of Free Fire, a major change to “Free Fire”

      The OB23 version of Free Fire is gradually being finalized before it reaches gamers worldwide. As originally expected, the Free…
      February 16, 2020

      Semi-underground house in Seoul: Where young people bend their backs, the ‘smell of poverty’ is most pronounced in the summer but they still refuse to turn into ‘parasites’

      There was almost no light in Oh kee-cheol’s semi-underground house, even the small tree he planted wilted. People can look…

      [In another Multiverse]

        February 7, 2022

        Humans are having difficulty with the evolution of all species

        Charles Darwin viewed evolution as an incremental, silent and patient process, like the movement of continental plates. He wrote in…
        July 12, 2020

        ‘One champ’ Ekko shared the skill of not learning the ultimate skill at level 6 that made the community praised ‘200 IQ’

        The ultimate is an indispensable part of a champion’s skill set, it is the champion’s most powerful tool and somewhat…
        July 28, 2021

        Celebrities who are also League of Legends players: ‘crazy fans’ Faker, Vietnamese goalkeepers are all present

        Hee-Chul – Super Junior (Korean Diamond) Referring to League of Legends, people immediately think of the LCK area where there…
        February 12, 2021

        The 30 big stars gathered in the special MV: Tung Duong exuded his inner strength fiercely, Ha Ho gave in when singing together

        Last New Year’s Eve (February 11), the program ARISE’21 – Singing of hope for the new day of revival was…
        February 5, 2021

        How the main cast of Game of Thrones thinks about the end of the series: The happy and the sad are the same as the fans

        It has been nearly 2 years, but the end of Game of Thrones still leaves a lot of controversy in…
        December 28, 2020

        Faker: ‘Immortal Demon King’ and the unfinished dream of a legend

        Mentioned Faker, not just League of Legends community (League of Legends), which almost any gamer has at least heard of.…
        May 29, 2021

        The one-time plowing boss Udyr was officially ‘unban’ by Garena, attended the LoL showmatch, what opportunity for Zeros?

        As one of the rare names in the “old” streamer of League of Legends Viet still retains its charm after…
        January 19, 2020

        The ‘extraneous and aggressive’ side story of Naruto gets itchy eyes by fans to make memes as much as autumn leaves

        Naruto is a great anime / manga and has a huge fan base all over the world. Not only famous…
        April 3, 2021

        On hand and quick review POCO X3 Pro: Price is just over 5 million but has Snapdragon chip ‘top 8’, 120Hz screen, 5160mAh battery

        At the end of March, in addition to the POCO F3, the renamed version of Redmi K40 introduced to attract…
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